Facts That Only Deepen the Mystery of the Pyramids

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One of the greatest wonders of the world can be seen in the desert land of Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza are some of the most hotly debated structures that ancient civilization has created. Truly, they are more than meets the eye, and here are some interesting tidbits of facts to help shed light on these mysterious infrastructures:


Fact 1: The materials used in creating the pyramids lend in maintaining a constant temperature within the structure. No matter the time of day, the temperature inside the pyramids remains at a cozy 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fact 2: Scientists estimate that each pyramid is composed of about 2,300,000 stones each weighing between 2 and 30 tons. Just imagine the effort it took to place the ones at the top.


Fact 3: As of today, the mortar used in building the pyramids is still a mystery. While the compound of the mortar is now known, scientists are still having a hard time replicating the formula correctly.


Fact 4: Due to their size, it is possible to view the Pyramids of Giza while even on the moon.


Fact 5: When they were still new, the polished surface of the pyramids was believed to be able to reflect light effectively turning it into a sort of beacon.


Fact 6: The pyramids are the most highly accurate aligned structures today and face north with only a fraction of error at any given time.


Fact 7: The swivel door of the pyramid weighs about 20 tons, but thanks to its design, it can be easily opened from the inside with just minimal force required.


Fact 8: The Pyramids of Giza were erected at the exact point of the center of the land mass of the Earth.


Fact 9: It took roughly 20 years to finish the Great Pyramid, and it took a workforce of about 10,000 people to finish it.


Fact 10: While it is true that the three Great Pyramids accurately align with the constellation of Orion’s Belt, they did not, however, align with it at the time of their construction. The theory is that the architect planned for them to someday align with the constellation.


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