Facts on Why HTC is Regarded Highly in the Field of Mobile Technology

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‘œHTC’ is one of the well-respected manufacturers of mobile devices in the market today. They generally produce and develop OEM-branded devices, and they have been in the business since 1997. They have expanded their repertoire and have a couple of products under their own brand name beginning in 2006. What else can be said about the mobile device manufacturer? Here are 10 interesting details on the company:


Fact 1: In terms of sheer performance, HTC’s mobile devices have the fastest quad-processor in the market today with an astonishing 1.5GHz quad-core. This puts HTC ahead of both NVIDIA and Samsung.


Fact 2: After unveiling HTC One, which was the rumored HTC M7, the company then released information that their device will have 185 carriers including such renowned companies as AT&T and T-Mobile just to name a few.


Fact 3: HTC is a known partner of Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm and thus has gained significantly from each regarding their specialty.


Fact 4: ‘œHTC,’ which stands for High Tech Computer Corporation, is a Taiwanese-based company and was founded by HT Cho, Peter Chou, and Cher Mi Wang.


Fact 5: HTC started off on a rather rocky state with failure being expected by its analyst. Cher Mi Wang’s heavy investment in the company was what kept it afloat long enough to find its niche in the market.


Fact 6: HTC’s first success in the market came in 2002 with their production of the world’s first pocket PC’s which gained the attention of major wireless providers.


Fact 7: The HTC Company has made a reputation of being one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of mobile devices. Within just a decade after releasing the first pocket PC, they have since been elevated to the top tier of companies in the world.


Fact 8: The Corporation is also known for developing many revolutionary technologies in their area of business such as the 1080 pixel display in mobile devices and manufacturing the first mobile PCs.


Fact 9: HTC was the first to develop touchscreen capabilities in mobile devices.


Fact 10: Unlike other companies, HTC is known to not only have quality products but also not tooting their own horn and letting their products do all the talking for them turning them into one of the most well-respected companies today.

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