Facts on Ocean Pollution

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Had there been no water, the human race would have perished a long time ago. We believe that water is a necessity and a basic need of life and a support for all life forms. But in the times to come, the statement is going to be manipulated with an addition of the word ‘œclean’ before ‘œwater.’ Water, with its specialty of sustaining survival, is equally threatening if it is unhealthy and unclean. The largest water sources on Earth, i.e., the oceans, are vigorously getting contaminated by natural and manmade pollution.

Fact 1:

Studies reveal that the major cause of water pollution is the discharge of a large amount of waste into the ocean water by industry, agriculture and county municipalities.

Fact 2:

China is the biggest contributor to water pollution by disposing over 60 percent of untreated, municipal waste every day.

Fact 3:

The accumulated waste presently contained within the Pacific Ocean if heaped up would be a trash hill twice the size of the entire state of Texas.

Fact 4:

Other than man, nature itself keeps polluting its own kind; air pollution pollutes the ocean waters by mixing the suspended dirt particles and microorganisms into the ocean water more than often.

Fact 5:

Surprising enough, ‘œcars’ play a vital role in polluting the ocean’s waters! The smoke from the exhaust system rises into the air to create acid rain thus contaminating the natural water.

Fact 6:

Ever wonder how much stress the marine organisms get through noise pollution? Try calculating the noise disturbance by subway trains and large marine vessels.

Fact 7:

The deterioration caused by oil spills is the most devastating form of oceanic pollution.

Fact 8:

Almost one-third of the male fish in the British rivers change sex due to pollution annually from the hormones in human sewage.

Fact 9

The cleanest place on planet Earth is the Antarctic Ocean and its vicinity.

Fact 10:

Research revealed that an alarming ratio of 6:1 exists between plastic waste and algae in the Northern Pacific.

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