Facts on Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Laura Ingalls Wilder is an autobiographical novelist of America. Her stories are based on the experiences on her childhood memories during the late 1800s. She was born as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, in Pepin Wisconsin on February 7, 1867. She was the second daughter of Charles Philip Ingalls and Caroline Lake Ingalls. Laura could not have a proper formal education, because her parents moved frequently from one location to another across America. Initially the influence of her daughter Rose Wilder Lane was also important to Laura’s writing career. Her books are more of informative to let the young readers know on how life was lived by their ancestor.

Her first book “Little House in the Big Woods” was published in 1932, on the childhood memories of her life in the Midwest region of the U.S. The first book that Laura wrote, entitled ‘Pioneer Girl’ was never published. ’Farmer boy’ was the second book she published based on her husband Almanzo Wilder’s childhood days in New York. Little Woods on the Prairie describes their time in Kansas. On the Banks of Plum Creek is based on their stay in Minnesota. By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden Years are all focused on her remaining years in South Dakota.

  • She was never a graduated of high school.
  •  The first book that Laura wrote, entitled ‘Pioneer Girl’ was never published
  • In 1953 The Little House series was reprinted and it became more famous.
  •  She worked on a book that was based on her early marriage struggle life, but she never published until it was discovered after the death of her daughter Rose on October 30, 1968. And later, it was published in 1971 as The First Four Seasons.
  •  The Laura Ingalls Wilder award was created by The American Library Association in 1954 in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder. And it is awarded to those persons who have achievements in Children’s literature.
  •  The award was first received by Laura herself the very next year. It was first given every 5 years; then it was given every 3 years.  Beginning in 2001, it will be given every 2 years.
  • Donald Crews is awarded as the winner of Laura Ingalls Wilder 2015.
  • She died at the age of 90 on October 23, 1949.
  • Almost all of the places where Laura Ingalls Wilder once lived and grew are now a National Historic Landmarks and tourist destinations.
  • Fragments of a Dream” a pageant based on Ingalls family is performed annually in the month of July in the open-air.

The Little House book series reached its new heights during the 1970s, and they telecasted a long-running television series loosely based on the books. Today, schools and libraries around the country continue to rely on her writings to entertain students while teaching them about the important period in American history and can still be found on library and elementary school reading lists all over the country.

Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Historic Home and Museum are non-profitable. One of the Wilder’s Museum is located at Minnesota and the other one which is known as Plum Creek is two miles north of town. The restored Masters Hotel, where the family lived, is also open to the public. Ingalls Family finally settled in De Smet from 1879-1894. Seventeen sites which she had mentioned in her books, including the Ingalls Home and Surveyors’ House, can be seen if you visit De Smet. The Wilders later moved to Mansfield in search of workable land where they settled on a small farm and it was named Rocky Ridge, near Mansfield Missouri. The house is still preserved in memorial of the Wilders family. The family graves are also nearby and the town library is named after the Wilders. And the home of “Farmer Boy” on a farm is 3.5 miles away from town is currently in the process of restoration.

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