Facts on Homelessness

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Homelessness has always been a major issue in every society, and it appears that a solution to this dilemma will not come anytime soon. Most governments are already taking measures to stop the increase of homelessness, but this is easier said than done due to the fact that the population continues to swell at a rate that the economy cannot keep up with. Here are ten facts about the causes of homelessness from around the world:


Fact 1: Almost 40 percent of homeless people in Canada are underage, either born in this environment or runaways.


Fact 2: It has been stated that 75 percent of homeless youths resort to the illegal use of drugs and other substances; reasons mostly stem from desperation for a temporary escape from their current predicaments.


Fact 3: A major cause of homelessness is attributed to the fact of the constant expansion of the economic bubble, and this has been seen as one of the major factors for the increase in homelessness.


Fact 4: More than half of homeless youths are males which did not finish or even start attending schools.


Fact 5: Studies have stated that 70 percent of the reasons why most homeless people leave their homes are due to sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.


Fact 6: Panhandling has been the main way most homeless people get through the day, but studies have also reported that some will resort to more extreme measures such as crime.


Fact 7: Sixteen years old is the average age for the first pregnancy for homeless women.


Fact 8: People with mental disabilities are a huge part of the overall homeless population with drug addicts, the unemployed, and veterans making up the rest.


Fact 9: A sad fact is that almost 90 percent of hospitals turn away homeless people in need of medical attention due to their inability to pay.


Fact 10: In New York City alone, homeless people in shelters has increased over half within a decade.


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