Facts About Zumba Fitness

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Zumba  Fitness Dance originated in Columbia, and it started with Alberto Perez who is a dancer and a choreographer. It is a combination of dance and martial aerobic moves, and some of the dances that are involved are: hip-hop, salsa, mambo, martial arts, and other types of dance just in one. The Zumba Dance is a kind of dance for those people who would like to have daily exercise for it will require many movements that will involve all body parts’ movement.

Fact 1: The Zumba Dance was created when Berto Perez forgot to bring his music cassettes for his aerobics class, and he just used the ones that he had found inside his bag.

Fact 2: Zumba Dance is recommended to be used also for old people because it will help them to burn more calories than any usual type of dance that they know.

Fact 3: It also helps people to release the stress that they feel because of the movements and shouting that are involved while performing the dance.

Fact 4: At the present time, the Zumba Dance is widely known in the whole of Columbia, and most of the fitness gyms in the state offer this kind of dance.

Fact 5: Zumba can attract more women who had not done any exercise routine yet.

Fact 6: Zumba can possibly make a person lose weight because it will give them a time for more and more movements during the whole routine.

Fact 7: People who are taking Zumba classes should bear in mind to choose the right spot when it comes to the flooring of the gym so that injuries and accidents may be avoided.

Fact 8: Not everyone who wants to join the Zumba dance may enroll in the program because some are not physically fit for it.

Fact 9: There are Websites wherein people can order a CD pack of the Zumba Dance for them to do it at their own home.

Fact 10: The program might be a little more expensive than any other dance types.

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