Facts About Zombies

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Fact 1: A zombie is an animated human dead body which yearns for the flesh of humans. There are many zombie types displayed in the movies and mentioned in stories. The zombie type able to start an outbreak is not very well known.

Fact 2: The experts believe that viral zombies will increase on Earth, and there is a book released by Max Brook on survival guidelines for people to fight against zombies. The book talks much about viral zombies.

Fact 3: There are different types of zombies theoretically present other than viral zombies. There are voodoo zombies, parasitic zombies, ‘œrise from the dead’ zombies, experiment-gone-wrong zombies, and radiation zombies.

Fact 4: According to the information given by Brooks in the book, humans are transformed into zombies when they are infected by the Solanum Virus. This virus enters into the bloodstream and travels toward the brain.

Fact 5: The zombie virus will stop all bodily functions and stop the brain from receiving oxygen by causing a mutation in the brain. After that, a living person will almost die and will have furious urges for the consumption of human flesh.

Fact 6: If the person is dead, then the dead person will not be converted into a zombie. If the body is infected with the zombie virus, it cannot be cured.

Fact 7: The book also says that the person will be infected with the virus if he comes in direct contact with the fluid that emerges from wounds and bites.

Fact 8: Based on the individual and the entry point of the virus in the body, the reanimation will start after a few hours in the infected person.

Fact 9: The symptoms start to appear with pain and discoloration followed by fever, damage to muscular coordination, numbness at the infected area, coma, cessation of the heartbeat, cessation of brain activity. All of these are followed by reanimation ultimately.

Fact 10: There are numerous defense approaches mentioned in the book to fight against the zombies depending on the outbreak level.

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