Facts About YouTube

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YouTube is a popular video sharing site that allows people to upload videos and share them with the world. Anyone who visits this site can easily view the uploaded videos. The videos range from professional videos to beginner videos.

Fact 1: In late 2005, a Nike advertisement that featured a famous Brazilian footballer called Ronaldinho was the first video on YouTube to get one million views. Before then, no video had ever reached that milestone.

Fact 2: YouTube boasts of over 2.5 billion viewers every day. Interestingly, 70 percent of these viewers are from outside America.

Fact 3: Users on YouTube collectively upload 24 hours of videos every minute. Twenty percent of the video uploads on YouTube are music videos.

Fact 4: You would have to live for roughly 1,000 years in order to watch each and every video currently available on YouTube.

Fact 5: YouTube is currently available in over 20 countries all over the world. Actually, it has been translated into 15 languages.

Fact 6: More than 50 percent of the users registered on YouTube are below 20 years of age.

Fact 7: With over 350,000,000 views and increasing every day, the video by Justin Bieber ‘œBaby ft. Ludacris’ is the most watched video on YouTube.

Fact 8: The YouTube front page gets almost 50,000,000 hits per day.

Fact 9: Some of the high-profile people who have launched their channels on YouTube include the Pope and the Queen. In addition, Barack Obama also launched his own YouTube channel in 2009.

Fact 10: YouTube users spend an average time of 15 minutes on the Website every day. Chad Hurley, co-founder and chief executive of YouTube, says that he would like people to watch the site for more than five hours.

Compared to other video sharing Websites, YouTube is the most well-liked Website. It is quite simple to use, and this could explain why it is so popular.

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