Facts About Your Period

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Fact 1: Many changes occur in the female body during the puberty stage like growing taller, development of breasts, narrowing of waist, body transforming into womanhood, and the beginning of menstruation or periods.

Fact 2: During menstruation, a discharge of fluid occurs through the vagina which will happen once a month. The bloody fluid discharge will continue for about three to seven days.

Fact 3: The period, or menstruation, is the process where the uterus will prepare to bear the fertilized egg and nourish it for growth.

Fact 4: The uterus’s lining starts growing just after the period has ended. The uterus’s lining becomes thicker gradually after the period has ended. The thickening will continue until the next period.

Fact 5: The egg will be ripened inside the ovaries after a woman’s period. About two weeks prior to the next period, the egg is released into the fallopian tube, and this process is called ovulation.

Fact 6: The egg that is released into the fallopian tube will travel along the tube towards the uterus and into the uterus. The travel will take place in about four days.

Fact 7: Sometimes it might happen that a male’s sperm will enter into the female egg when the egg is present in the fallopian tube. This process is called  fertilization. Pregnancy starts after the fertilization.

Fact 8: The fertilized egg will become attached to the uterus’s lining that is soft, thick, and filled by blood vessels.

Fact 9: If the egg is not fertilized, the uterus’s lining and the unfertilized egg have to leave the body through the vagina. The process happens is called a period or menstruation.

Fact 10: The length of the menstruation cycle can be in the range of 21 days to 45 days in a young woman and in the range of 21 days to 35 days in adult women.

Fact 11: The menstrual cycle is governed by the fall and rise of hormone levels during the month.

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