Facts About Yeast

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Yeast is a known fungi that is composed of a single cell. These microorganisms are known to be very useful in the baking industry as it helps provide the desired texture, color, and smell of breads and pastries. Several types of yeast exist in the world but only a handful is often used for baking. The so-called “sugar-eating” type of yeast is commonly used by bakers around the world. The following are some facts associated with yeast:

Fact 1: The use of yeast in food processing dates back to 2000 BC. Ancient Egypt and Babylon were recorded to have used the properties of these fungi in food processing. Evidence of this was sourced from various carvings on the wall and hieroglyphics which have been preserved for thousands of years.

Fact 2: Ancient civilizations used to think of leavened bread as a form of art. Most of the ancient people did not know about the effects of yeast in making breads and many of them were said to be pleasantly surprised with the leavening process.

Fact 3: Yeast can be taken as a form of vitamin supplement. This uni-cellular fungi or microorganism is found to be rich in nutrients including Vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, and a whole lot of protein.

Fact 4: Yeast may have been already used during ancient times but its effect on leavening bread was only understood in thorough back in 1859. Through the experimentations of Louis Pasteur, the effect of yeast in creating carbon dioxide when exposed with carbohydrates led to its wide use in baking.

Fact 5: Only a small amount of yeast is used to raise the dough for baking. 500 pounds of dough for example will only need about 2 pounds of the microorganism for it to raise to desired standards in baking.

Fact 6: Yeast is also very useful in the field of genetics. These microorganisms are commonly used in research and studies involving genetics and life cycles of various organisms.

Fact 7: Yeast may also be used in alcoholic beverage production. This is basically due to the fact that yeast can also produce ethanol along with carbon dioxide which is also useful components for some alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Fact 8: Yeast multiplies by interacting with sugar and air. This makes yeast a very robust and self-sufficient microorganism making them ideal for various purposes and studies in various fields of science. When no sugar is around, it simply adapts to the environment and waits for another chance for growth and multiplication.

Fact 9: The growth rate of yeast is considered one of the fastest among microorganisms. Cell duplication is completed in as little as 90 minutes as long as there is sugar present.

Fact 10: Yeast can alter the smell of bread or beer. Different types of yeast will yield to different aromas and this explains why they are carefully selected during the baking or brewing process.

Fact 11: Yeast prefers liquid environments. Many people may see them in dried powder form but these fungi actually live and thrive in wet environments.

Fact 12: A packet of yeast is actually composed of billions of cells or microorganisms. Yeast is simply too small to be detected by the naked eye and they have to be clumped together billions of times just to fit a packet.

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