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Yale University is a highly respected private Ivy League university. The students who attend Yale get one of the best educations in the world. To even be accepted an applicant would have to be an exceptional student with good references and a high GPA. They only accept the best of the best.

Fact 1. Yale is located in New Haven Connecticut.

Fact 2. Yale is the third oldest university in the United States.

Fact 3. The university was named Yale after the governor of the British East India Company, Elihu Yale.

Fact 4. The official school mascot is a bulldog named Handsome Dan. While the original Handsome Dan died years ago, he is stuffed and placed in a glass case on campus. They always have a current bulldog mascot as well, always named Handsome Dan.

Fact 5. Yale accepted 1,991 students for the class of 2017. There were 29,610 total applicants in that same year. The rest were rejected. It works out to an average of about 7.1 percent of students who get accepted.

Fact 6. Almost every student that attends Yale for their freshman year return for their sophomore year. The fact that 99 percent of all students come back for the second year really shows that most accepted students are up to the academic challenge that Yale brings.

Fact 7. More than half of all students that graduate from Yale graduated from a public high school. Graduates from public schools who graduate from Yale shows that intellect is all that matters, even without a private school education if you work hard and have intelligence you can get far.

Fact 8. 93 percent of all professors at Yale have a high ranking degree in the field that they teach. This means that when a student is attending Yale they are learning from people who truly know all of the ins and outs of the field that they teach and can more accurately teach it to them. Learning from books is one way, however learning from those who actually know the material allow for a more rounded understanding of the material and the ability to ask their professor a question without them needing to look up the answer. That is one of the ways that Yale gives such a quality education.

Fact 9. Yale has a total of 1,093 acres of land. On all of this land they have 440 different buildings along with a golf course and a nature preserve. The actual buildings themselves take up 16.2 million square feet.

Fact 10.
Most of the students that attend Yale are not from Connecticut. In fact, almost all of them are out of state residents or nonresident aliens, 95 percent to be exact. It may seem like a lot but when you really think about it, there are 50 states and only 1 Yale in one of those states. Logic says that most people who go there are bound to be from another state. Statistics are a very useful tool, but applying logic and facts to them is what is really important.

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