Facts About XM Radio

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XM Radio uses a relatively new type of broadcasting method that involves satellites. This sort of radio is known as digital and it provides a greater broadcast range compared to regular radio stations. The major difference between XM Radio and other radio stations is that it offers content that is free from advertisements.

Fact 1: XM Radio offers many channels which are all not under FCC regulations. Hence, they are not restricted to a certain playlist and are uncensored.

Fact 2: Rock and Roll are the names given to the two satellites that help broadcast XM Radio across America.

Fact 3: In 2008, XM Radio was bought out by its only rival, Sirius Radio, and combined forming the new Sirius XM.

Fact 4: Even though it is currently a merged organization, both Sirius and XM Radio still offer their own unique and separate channels.

Fact 5: While NASA was not responsible for developing XM Radio, it served an important role of inspiring the founders of XM Radio to try out digital radio broadcasting.

Fact 6: At the time of launching, XM Radio had over 400,000 subscribers while its close competitor Sirius Radio could only manage 75,000.

Fact 7: There is a 4 second delay when listening to XM radio because of the digital nature of the signals from the satellites.

Fact 8: XM Radio reportedly bought its broadcasting license at a price of 80 million dollars in 2001. Despite this great investment, it was very challenging to get and retain subscribers which to led to huge financial debt.

Fact 9: There are no commercials broadcasted on XM Radio, which is a welcome feature as standard radio stations are full of commercials with less music.

Fact 10: XM Radio is not audible in a tunnel even though it is promoted as being crystal clear anywhere in America.

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