Facts About Xian

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Xian is a prominent tourist destination in China’s Shaanxi province. It is a vital town in the history of China as it was the capital city of the major 13 dynasties like Tang, Han, Qin and Zhou. Furthermore, the city also has over 3000 years of rich history.

Fact 1: Xian is currently the most densely inhabited metropolitan region in China with over 8 million residents.

Fact 2: Many Xian residents do not speak English and most prefer speaking Chinese. Hence, you may need to learn some Chinese if you want to live in Xian.

Fact 3: Xian’s culture is based on a very early civilization called the Guanzhong Ren. Many people come to this city to experience this culture thus enhancing tourism.

Fact 4: While Buddhism is the main religion practiced by many people in China, Xian has an extensive Muslim population and the city also has a magnificent 1200 year old mosque.

Fact 5: Xian is listed alongside Cairo, Rome and Athens as the four important ancient civilizations sites in the world.

Fact 6: The Terracotta warriors are sculptures that depict the soldiers of the first Chinese Emperor. These sculptures were excavated by archeologists in Xian and they are regarded as an essential find in the field of archeology.

Fact 7: In the 3 pits that contain the Terracotta warriors there were more than 8,000 solders with cavalry horses and chariots.

Fact 8: Xian has numerous historical monuments, tombs and ancient ruins that make it an alluring city for tourists. It is China’s most admired tourist destination.

Fact 9: Due to many tourists flocking the city of Xian, hawking of common goods is widespread.

Fact 10: When a restaurant has several red lanterns it means it is a good restaurant. Additionally, due to the long history of Xian and its cultural development, the cuisine is also quite extensive.

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