Facts about Xenia, Ohio

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Founded in 1803, Xenia is the third largest city in Greene County, Ohio, United States. As a Dayton suburb, the city is pretty strong surviving devastating disasters, however its complexity and joy is proved by some interesting facts following several personalities’ work or implications in Xenia’s community.

1. Xenia’s Tornado, deadliest natural disaster. The Super Outbreak which included 148 storms started on April 3rd and lasted 18 hours creating the most devastating F5 tornado one of which vanished half of the city of Xenia. 33 people died during the tornado in Xenia and thousands of them were injured.

2. Survivor Rick Hoag had a premonition about ’74 tornado. Rick Hoag is one of the survivors and he was 8 years old at the moment of Xenia’s Tornado. He wrote in his story that minutes before the tornado started he was outside playing and heard his father calling him even though he was at a far distance from home. Still he went home managed to save himself.

3. According to Daily Dayton News Archive 1.400 buildings, 1200 homes, 10 churches and several schools were totally destroyed during disastrous tornado in Xenia, 1974.

4. Paul H. Creswell and Robert A. Kelly are two men from Xenia, Ohio who invented a special design for painting lines for roads and highways. Their ingenious discovery is still used as a basic device in road marking engines.

5. John F. Kerry defamed President George W. Bush in a public speech at Xenia High School. 2004 presidential democratic nominee delivered a speech in which he attacked President Bush for unemployment problems in Ohio’s social communities defending them against system corruption and ignorance.

6. Dr. Austria and Bob Hope supported school reconstructions by fundraising 150.000$. As a reward the new Xenia High School Auditorium was named after one of the supporters “Bob Hope Auditorium”.

7. In 1975 staff of Daily Xenia Gazette won the Pulitzer Prize for impeccable report of news, facing dangerous difficulties, during the tornado in 1974.

8. Elected president Abraham Lincoln paid a courtesy visit to Xenia in 1861 part of a national tour to Washington DC. President Lincoln has stopped over several cities in Ohio and by the time he got in Xenia, New York Times reporter stated that the speech was boring and repetitive it didn’t need to be recorded, so proof of speech simply doesn’t exist.

9. 2004 independent film “Who’s your daddy?” features an Ohio high school student who wakes up one day owning a porn empire. Movie is directed by Andy Fickman who set the action in city of Xenia, Ohio.

10. Famous writer Stephen King sketches his supporting female character from famous novel The Stand as Dayna Jurges, a young woman from Xenia, Ohio. The Stand is a unique worldwide known novel published in 1978.

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