Fact 1: A video game system released in 2005 by Microsoft, Xbox 360, is an authoritative next-generation gamer system. Xbox 360 was released in various different configurations and prices.

Fact 2: The user can play games as well as DVD movies with an Xbox 360.

Fact 3: The Xbox can be enjoyed well without an HDTV, but the graphics generated by the Xbox 360 can be enhanced with the use of an HDTV.

Fact 4: Another feature of the Xbox 360 is the Xbox Live online service. The Live service can be utilized as two types. One is Gold, which allows the user to play games with friends online. The other type is called Silver, which allows the user to download demos and trailers, chatting with friends, and also download Xbox Live Arcade games.

Fact 5:  Xbox Live allows the player to have a gamer tag, and this central service will allow the player to be recognized with this nickname across all the games. Xbox Live will allow the player to have several friends to play with.

Fact 6: To enjoy the performance of Xbox 360, Xbox Live may not be required, but the experience can be increased by the Live feature.

Fact 7: A ‘œslim’ Xbox 360 was released in June, 2010. This machine has built-in features like Wi-Fi. The appliance looks smaller and sleeker with a 4GB or 250GB hard disk.

Fact 8: Xbox 360 is not sent packed with high-definition cables. The machine is accompanied with red, white, and yellow composite cables. The Xbox component cable or HDMI cable have to be purchased separately after buying the appliance.

Fact 9: The manufacture date of Xbox 360 will be displayed on the back of the game console. It is  better to check the date before purchasing as the hardware might generate issues with the older appliances. Buying the most recent appliance is safer. The old systems have the danger of facing the problems like ‘œred ring of death’ or an E74 error. The more recent the system, the easier it is to manage overheating with the appliance.

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  1. mom29

    March 31, 2014 2:01 pm

    wow xbox is a meracal but sometimes not because when i call my kids for diner they wont come so i threntin to take it away but they dont care but the good thing about it is that it keeps them disactid so that means more mom time for me

    • Lauren

      February 23, 2015 11:42 am

      Uhm….well I read your comment…and it seems that your grammar and spelling is….horrific….I’m sorry again for mentioning this but…I could not help but notice…


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