Facts About X-RAY FISH

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X-ray fish

Fact 1: The X-ray fish is scientifically called Pristella maxillaris.

Fact 2: The X-ray fish are considered as non-aggressive and gregarious. They reach the size of two to three inches.

Fact 3: X-ray fish are found in calm, coastal waters as well as in dense, vegetated swamps.

Fact 4: X-ray fish are carnivorous and usually feed on live foods that are fresh or flakes present in water. X-ray fish eat insects, small crustaceans, and worms.

Fact 5: Their reproduction is carried out very easily, and nearly 300 to 400 eggs are released per every spawn.

Fact 6: X-ray fish are mostly distributed at Venezuela, Orinoco, coastal river drainage of Guiana, British Guyana, Brazil, and the Amazon regions of South America.

Fact 7: X-ray fish are popular in aquariums as they possess delicate colors.

Fact 8: The maximum length of the X-ray fish is 4.5 centimeters. X-ray fish live in fresh waters and live in a pelagic environment. X-ray fish dwell in fresh waters having a pH range of 6 to 8.

Fact 9: There are certain diagnostic marks on the X-ray fish. There is a small, round spot which is the size of the pupil present on its fin.

Fact 10: The black spot on the dorsal fin has a white line above and a yellow line below it. Symmetrical color patterns are observed at the anal and pelvic fins. A hyaline type of adipose fin is seen.

Fact 11: X-ray fish are known to be feeding on planktonic and benthic invertebrates.

Fact 12: Aquarium owners usually choose dark backgrounds in their tanks allowing the X-ray fish to appear as clear fish.

Fact 13: The classification of the X-ray fish is that it belongs to Kingdom of Animalia, Phylum of Chordata, Class of Actinopterygii, Order of Characiformes, and Family of Characidae.

Fact 14: X-ray fish seem to be active and energetic when they are moving in schools.

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