Facts About Wyoming

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The U.S. obtained the land that is now Wyoming in 1803 from France. The first man to enter the region was John Colter and he explored Yellowstone area bringing back reports of its hot springs and geysers. Wyoming has vast plains and towering mountains that provide stunning scenery and also grazing areas for cattle and sheep.

Fact 1: Wyoming women were the first women in the country to acquire the right of voting.

Fact 2: Mrs. Nellie Ross was elected governor in 1925 in Wyoming and became the first lady to accomplish this milestone.

Fact 3: Wyoming is a leading state in coal production and it has the biggest coal mine within America that is situated near Wright.

Fact 4: Wyoming has a very low population of people compared to the other states in America.

Fact 5: In Wyoming, if you get intoxicated in a coal mine you could serve a jail sentence of one year or more.

Fact 6: It is outlawed to put on a hat which obstructs the view of other people in a theater or public amusement place.

Fact 7: You cannot take a rabbit’s photo in Wyoming between January and April without first getting an official consent from the authorities.

Fact 8: In Cheyenne, you can get arrested for spitting in front of an educational institution like a school.

Fact 9: In the south part of Wyoming, there is a desert that neither drains westward or eastward. This is because of a continental divide that splits the desert leaving the region without a normal drainage system.

Fact 10: The Big Horn and Wind River are names given to one river. The river basically alters its name midway through its course where every year Native Americans host a traditional ceremony to depict the marriage of the two waters.

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