Facts About Witches

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Witch Trial

Witches and their craft have long been mentioned in human history. They live in a life that is mysterious, mystical and intriguing which draw people’s attention invoking varied responses.
Fact 1:  Alice Kyteler was the first to be accused of witchcraft in 1325 in Ireland and allegedly had intercourse with a demon named Robin, appearing as a black shaggy dog. She was accused and brought before English Franciscan Friar Richard de Ledrede, Bishop of Ossory and was convicted of poisoning and using sorcery against her four ex-husbands, denying the Christian faith, animal sacrifice and blasphemyi.

The bishop was not able to make an arrest of Kyteler because she already fled. Kytelers’s servant, Petronella de Meath was tortured and eventually confessed to witchcraft. Petronella de Meath was flogged and burned in 1324 as a scapegoat ii.
Fact 2:  Witchcraft is the definition of the art or practices of a witch. It is a spiritual practice with roots traced in Europe. Its’ difference from Wicca is that, it emphasizes on local deities, honoring the spirits and gods of the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Sun and Moon by celebrating through festivals based on seasons and migrationsiii. While Wicca and Stregheria (Italian witchcraft) are contemporary witchcraft practices leaning more toward the religious side iv.
Fact 3:  A moon phase has a correlation to a witch’s ability in casting spells.

Full Moon evokes abundance of positive energy and magical powers good for prophecy; protection and divination. Spells for starting anew; love and romance; health and landing a job are best during the New Moon.

Waxing Moon is good for witches’ incantations for love; wealth, luck and success; health; courage and friendship. Wanning Moon is best to ask for spells for banishing magic, addiction and negativity. Witches’ spells on getting rid of bad habits, binding spells, exploring our emotions and bringing justice are best done during Dark Moon v ..
Fact 4:  Witches do have their own tools of the trade which are ordinary items and not fancy at all.
A witch must-haves are the following vi :

1. Candles. Tea lights will also do in the absence of the aforementioned.
2. Cloth. A black, square fabric for veil purposes or for covering the altar.
3. Athame. A blade primarily used to remove curses.
4. Chalk. To make border, mark tools and create a focal point.
5. Water. A source for elemental power.
Fact 5: The word witch came from the Old English word “wicca” (masculine form) and “wicce” (feminine form). It was later combined to “wicche”, retaining its meaning but discarded the gender classification. Overtime, the generic use of the “wicche” became uncommon as the words “warlock”, “wizard” and “sorcerer” came about to describe the males. In the 16th Century, the word “wicche” evolved to “witch” which is now used to refer to the women vii.
Fact 6: Witch movies have also invaded Hollywood movies reaping millions of dollars. The indie film, The Blair Witch Project (1999), from its premiere in the Sundance Film Festival earned a gross of $250 million where film production only costs around $50,000 making it as one of the most profitable movies viii.

The movie plot is about three film students who went missing while hiking in the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland to document a local legend, the Blair Witch. They were never seen again except for their equipment bearing their chilling experience ix.
Fact 7:  The conical hat worn by witches, wizards and sorcerers were claimed to have powers. Archeologists believed that the hats distinguished and elevated them from common people as they have extraordinary powers and knowledge.

Wearing of conical hats was also traced in England in the Middle Ages. Persecuted witches were forced to wear the hat shaped like the church’s steeple, being a holy symbol, will help redeem the soul of the witches x.
Fact 8: Witch costumes ranked #2 during Halloween 2014 based on social mentions of 162 million people who celebrated worldwide. $1.4 billion were spent for Halloween costumes that year where couple costumes topped the list xi.
Fact 9: If you think that killing someone because of practicing witchcraft is way long gone, you are sadly mistaken. The following are some countries xii in the 21st Century where witches need to be wary about :
1, Saudi Arabia
2. Tanzania
3. Gambia
4. Nepal
5. India
6. Papua New Guinea
7. Uganda
Fact 10:  In 2014, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly became a victim of a curse casted out by a witch doctor from Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonsam xiii. Bonsam said that the curse caused Ronaldo to have a leg injury so he can’t play against Ghana or for the World Cup. The witch doctor added he went looking for four dogs to make the Kahwiri Kapam spirit just for him.

Ronaldo had tendinitis and a muscle injury in his left leg during his training.

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