Facts About Winter

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Winter is one of the four seasons experienced by many countries in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It follows autumn or fall wherein the leaves either fall off from the branches or they change into brighter colors other than green.  In the US and northern parts of Europe for example, winter starts at around mid to late December and officially ends sometime in late February or March.  During winter some people play in the snow while others prefer to stay indoors.  Aside from snow, there are other interesting facts about the winter season and below are some of them:

Fact 1:  Winter in the northern hemisphere means the southern part of the Earth is experiencing summer.  The US for example may celebrate Christmas with snow, but at this time southern hemisphere countries like Australia and New Zealand are having summer days at the same time.

Fact 2:  Winter is the time for longer sleep among animals.  Many animals undergo a period of prolonged sleep called hibernation during the winter months in order to preserve their energies with the scarcity of food during this season.

Fact 3:  Trees also hibernate during the winter.  Many trees also stop growing during the winter months and opt to take out their leaves to preserve their food within their trunks.  Growth and development is slowed or even halted because of less sunlight during the winter months.

Fact 4:  The rate of carbon monoxide poisoning increases during winter.  This is due to the high usage of heaters and gas furnaces.

Fact 5:  Days are shortest during the winter season.  This happens because winter is the time wherein the Earth is tilted away from the sun which makes the dawn coming later and dusk coming sooner.

Fact 6:  Snowflakes that fall from the sky are unique just like thumb prints in humans.  No two snowflakes are said to be alike.  Every snowflake that forms from winter clouds has a different design from the others.

Fact 7:  Depression spikes among people who experience the winter season.  Clinically called as SAD or seasonal affective disorder, some people may literally get easily down during the winter months.  Medical experts have attributed this seasonal depression to the limited sun exposure during this time of the year.

Fact 8:  Some people not only get depressed during the winter but also get afraid by anything to do with the season.  The condition is called chionophobia and it involves fear of having to experience snows and storms and other related things to winter.

Fact 9:  The coldest winter is recorded at below 128 degrees Celsius.  This below freezing temperature is registered in the Antarctic continent back in 1983.

 Fact 10:  Black ice is considered more dangerous than snow.  The thin layer of ice that forms or settles in buildings and roads during the winter months is recorded to be more catastrophic than falling snow.  More accidents have been recorded because of black ice that can hardly be seen on roads and other structures during winter.  Some of these structures get damaged because of the extra weight from the ice and therefore causing more accidents.

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