Facts About Will Smith

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Who doesn’t know Will Smith? Right? One of the most popular A-list actors in Hollywood, father of Jaden Smith, the star of many a blockbuster including Men in Black and Independence Day, the list goes on…. The infectious charm he exudes on-screen does not stop there; for the people who interact with him on a personal level, it continues with his off-screen persona, too! It is what he is! And as often told by him, he tries to invest some realism into his characters by bringing his own self in front of the camera as well! That explains why we all love him so much!

Fact 1:

Will Smith – everyone recognizes him; Willard Carroll Smith – now who is that? Well, they are one and the same person. When Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968, that was the name his parents gave him! He was born with the charm that has allured all of us, and so his parents also gave him a nickname – “prince.”

Fact 2:

Although Will Smith’s meteoric rise to stardom is definitely the result of all his hard work, his is not exactly a “rags to riches” story. His father owned a refrigeration company, and his mother was employed in a school. He had quite a moderate upbringing. All the same, with no background in the entertainment industry, his growth to super stardom can be credited to his charm, talent, and hard work!

Fact 3:

Will Smith grew up in Philadelphia, a neighborhood that boasts of varied cultures that co-existed peacefully. Although he was raised a Baptist, he attended a Catholic School. He was a  good student; however, he never planned for college. You can’t blame him – he was already a millionaire at 18!

Fact 4:

Will Smith started his career in entertainment as a rapper; he was only 16. He performed with Jeff Towne and went by the name “The Fresh Prince.” Keeping away from the violent streak of rap was what spelled their success, and they became the first to receive the American Music Award for Rap!

Fact 5:

After tasting success as a rap artist, Will Smith moved on to the television scene and gained attention through the series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It was a situational comedy series that became a great hit and paved the way for his entry into movies and Hollywood!

Fact 6:

We all know that Will Smith has starred in some of the greatest grossing movies of the century. But did you know that 16 out of the 20 feature films he acted in grossed over $100 million!! His highest grosser was “Independence Day” – it totaled $817 million!

Fact 7:

It is a known fact that Will Smith has been awarded several times – six American Music Awards, four Grammys, three NAACP Image Awards, four MTV Video Awards, one Saturn Award, and four Golden Globes to be precise! One thing missing from his list is the Oscar, for which he was nominated twice – once for Ali and then for The Pursuit of Happiness. A narrow miss both  times!

Fact 8:

However, the Box Office never gives him a miss! He is the only actor who can claim to have premiered at No. 1 for eight films in a row!

Fact 9:

Will Smith claims to be non-religious, as different from being atheistic! However, he continues to support various religious and charitable organizations that have their base in Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Scientology, and other religious roots.

Fact 10:

Will Smith shares close family ties, and he does not back away from including his family in his professional pursuits as well! His oldest son Trey starred with him in a music album; his second son Jaden shared screen space in The Pursuit of Happiness and After Earth; and his daughter Willow was part of the movie I Am Legend.

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