Facts about Whitetail Deer

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They belong to the Deer family that live and grow in North America and are known as the deer’s with the smallest size amongst all the Deer families. Here are some interesting facts that will surely increase your interest in the Whitetail Deer.

Fact number 1:
The adult member of this Deer family tends to have coats that are brownish red in color during summers. As winters approach this color changes and turns into a lighter shade like gray brown.

Fact number 2:
The male members of this Deer family are known as bucks and they can easily be told apart with the help of their antlers. These antlers are replaced annually with the antlers falling off in winters and new antlers replacing the fallen ones by summer.

Fact number 3:
They have been appropriately named according to the white colored patch on the underside of the tail of the deer. It tends to show this patch and wag the tail when it senses that it is in real danger.

Fact number 4:
These mammals might be the smallest members of the Deer family but they weigh quite a lot. They weight around 110 to 300 lbs.

Fact number 5:

All throughout the greens of North America to Southern Canada these mammals tend to grow live and multiply. They are mostly found the Southern Canadian region and in the Northern US. They are also widely spread all the way to Central America and then to Bolivia.

Fact number 6:
Deer are most comfortable living and grazing in woodland areas but they are also found most abundantly on the outskirts of the urban settlements and in countries where farming is most abundant.

Fact number 7:
These deer are found to live along fresh water bodies like rivers and bubbling streams along with areas of vegetation like farms and woodlands. They tend to graze on open land only when they are well aware that there are forests and shrubs nearby. Deer are gentle creatures that get startled very easily thus they only move onto those open areas that have regions that can conceal these creatures in the surroundings.

Fact number 8:
The great thing about their appetite is that they love vegetation and thus they can consume different types of vegetative matter. From twigs to birch, they have the ability to feed on all of these vegetative materials. In winters when plant life becomes scarce and rare to find and consume, the deer feed on conifers.

Fact number 9:
Of all the members of the Deer family these deer are the most sensitive in nature. They are easily scared and nature enthusiasts believe that they are the most nervous off the members of the Deer family. They are generally shy and are not generally seen around animals that do not belong to the Deer family. Due to their physical characteristics they are also very active and can move away from the source of their distraught at alarmingly high speeds.

Fact number 10:
Like all mammals, some would argue the female deer shelter their babies very possessively. When they go on hunting journeys they hide away their young under heavy shelter even if it means leaving them there for approximately four hours or more. The baby deer instinctively tend to lie down flat, aligned seamlessly with the ground, with their necks stretched out in a manner that camouflages them well.

Fact number 11:
These deer are not social in nature, the families of deer tend to live isolated from others but keep a very keen eye on their fawns and their mating partners.

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