Facts About Watermelon

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Watermelon is a favorite fruit among many people across the globe especially during the summer months.  Its juicy and watery pulp is what makes this fruit a true thirst-quencher.  Watermelons also come in different sizes and varieties making it one of the most popular fruits in the world.  The following are interesting facts about watermelons:

Fact 1: Watermelons are also vegetables.  Aside from being true fruits that come out of a seed, watermelons are also classified as vegetables. They are known to belong to the same family with cucumber, pumpkin, and squashes.  Most of them taste sweet and this is why most people refer to watermelons as fruits.

Fact 2: The lycopene content of watermelons is greater than that of tomatoes. Tomatoes may be very popular as a great source of lycopene but watermelons actually have more of this nutrient up to 50% more.

Fact 3:  Watermelons have anti-inflammatory effects. Its juice is known to be effective against muscle soreness because of its citrulline content, a known amino acid that helps prevent pain in the muscles.  People who work out regularly for example may drink watermelon juice beforehand to take advantage of the fruit’s anti-inflammatory benefit.

Fact 4:  Watermelons can help cleanse the kidneys from toxins.  The electrolyte content of these fruits not only quenches thirst but is also helpful in getting rid of toxins especially on the kidneys.

Fact 5:  Most of the watermelons in available in the world are produced by China.  In 2011 alone, this country was able to produce almost 70 million tonnes of watermelons.  This is way ahead of any country producing these nutritious fruits.

Fact 6:  All parts of the watermelon are actually edible.  Most people may munch on the pulp only but the skin and rinds can actually be eaten.  The seeds of the watermelon are also edible.

Fact 7:  Watermelons are free of fat.  These fruits do not contain any cholesterol which is bad for overall health.  Instead, these watery fruits contain lots of fiber for proper digestion and a bunch of vitamins and minerals for optimum health. These benefits make watermelons very ideal for people who are watching their weight and those who want to be fit or stay fit and healthy.

Fact 8:  Watermelon extracts may help lower blood pressure.  The health benefits of these fruits are never-ending and recent studies have shown that extracts may significantly lower blood pressure and therefore help prevent heart attacks.

Fact 9:  Men may also benefit from the L-arginine content of watermelons in terms of their sexual health. This nutrient is considered helpful in promoting blood flow to the penis causing improved erection for men who are suffering from mild types of erectile dysfunction.

Fact 10:  Watermelons in Japan come in cubes. Growers of this fruit in Japan use boxes to alter the natural shape of watermelons and make them in cubes.  This is basically done for easy stacking and storage.  Cubed watermelons in Japan are so popular that they are sold at much higher prices than the natural rounded varieties.


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