Facts about Vyvanse

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Vyvanse is one among the many medications available for the treatment of ADHD. Although this is not supported by many scientists, some fear that Vyvanse is highly likely to be abused. If the medicine is used for a long period of time without any pauses, it may become a habit. Misuse of Vyvanse is found to have caused serious problems like heart problems, some problems in the blood vessels, or even death in some severe cases.

Fact 1:

For the aggressive treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Vyvanse is used as a doctor’s prescribed medicine. (Drugs.com)

Fact 2:

There is still little or no knowledge about how this drug actually works in the system. (Drugs.com)

Fact 3:

This medicine is highly prohibited for pregnant or lactating females. (Drugs.com)

Fact 4:

Vyvanse is a kind of drug that has long lasting effects and termination of the dosage does not have any rebound disordered effects. (Health Life and Stuff, 2010)

Fact 5:

An interesting fact about the drug Vyvanse is that its effects become weaker at night (Health Life and Stuff, 2010)

Fact 6:

Unlike the other medicines available to treat the ADHD, Vyvanse can be taken daily with absolutely no body tolerance to the drug. (Health Life and Stuff, 2010)

Fact 7:

Vyvanse starts taking action in the body after one hour of its intake, and at two hours the drug is completely in control of your body. (Health Life and Stuff, 2010)

Fact 8:

What makes Vyvanse more pronounced is its smoother action and slower come-down. With least identified side effects, this drug can work wonders with the natural chemical balance right from the day you start taking it. (Drugs-Forum)

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