Facts about Volunteering

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Helping out has always been a valuable deed. This is what volunteering is all about. Different non-profit organizations take in a number of people who work as volunteers contributing to the nation’s productivity. Here are some facts about volunteering in different parts of the world.

Fact 1:

A total of 26.4% of the population of America, that makes it 61.8 million Americans in number, contributed 8 billion hours of volunteer service which was worth an estimated amount of 162 billion dollars in the year 2008. (UWGNH)

Fact 2:

Research reveals that almost 37% of the NGO’s reported the increase in the people they use as volunteer from 2008 to 2009. They claim an even higher estimation in the coming years. (UWGNH)

Fact 3:

The spirit of volunteering is found more in those adults who volunteered when they were young than those who did not do so in their young age. (UWGNH)

Fact 4:

In Australia, volunteers contribute almost 700 million hours annually to the productivity of the country. (Volunteering Australia)

Fact 5:

Despite the young volunteering in America, the age group that dominates the practice of volunteering in Australia is between 35-44 years. (Volunteering Australia)

Fact 6:

In Australia, the most common organizations for which the people volunteer are sports, physical recreation, education and religious welfare groups. (Volunteering Australia)

Fact 7:

In America, the volunteers present their services in schools mostly to raise the standards of achievements for the youth. (Volunteering America)

Fact 8:

In a survey, it came out that there were 9 out of 10 parents (2011) who were quite confident about the public school’s practices of volunteering. (Volunteering America)

Fact 9:

The youth who are involved with practices of volunteering are less likely to get into bad behaviors and criminal issues. It is also observed that these young people score good grades in academics as well. (About.com)

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