Facts About Violent Video Games

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New inventions have always brought about changes in lifestyle. Among many new gadgets that have come to the market in recent times, we have the computers that have made life easier than before. Computers have become a part and parcel of our lives. Even kids spend most of their free time playing video games either in their computers or laptops and tablets or nowadays in their phones and play stations too.

Fact 1 Types Of Video Games

In the beginning, when video games were first introduced, they were simple games mostly the brick games, 2-D chase, ping pong, Dave, shooting aliens etc. Gradually new innovative games came to the markets and youngsters started playing them at all times. They are the new-generation ultra-violet video games. The sets are so life-like that playing these games gives great fun and enjoyment. When played together with friends, there is such excitement that it does not seem to be simple video games. Youths actively participate in these entertaining violent video games that are more than what we see in the violent movies or on television.

Fact 2 Violent Video Games

The video games that are very common nowadays are Hitman, Call of Duty, I.G.I., Desertable, Commandos and such others. The players here are rewarded for successfully completing their assignments of killing people. In the newest violent video games series, the one that is being sold in numbers is the Call of Duty: 4, Modern Warfare. Players here play the part of U.S. or British soldiers and each one tries to override the other. The violence and the other images shown here are exclusive and the graphic designs are unique and realistic.

Fact 3 Arms And Ammunition Used By Players

Modern warfare involves the use of different types of weapons like guns etc. Similarly, in the violent video games, players use guns, knives, swords, cars, handles, baseball bats and flame throwers as well as their hands and feet. In some games, video clippings of strippers are also included to carry on the theme while in others the players themselves become the heroes fighting with criminals or wars whereas in some games, players assume the roles of criminals. Therefore, the players get absolutely involved in these violent video games winning prizes and medals using these ammunition.

Fact 4 Controversies Regarding Violent Video Games

Violence levels of video games have increased greatly in the modern games. Hence most people have become highly concerned about the impact of such violent video games on the young generation. Some are of the opinion that the games are not responsible for any kinds of behavior or psychological changes in the players rather those who are basically violent and ruthless naturally, are inclined to play these games while others are not. They further argue that there had been so many unwanted wars and killings much before the inception of video games and the violent video games that were released only as late as the 1980s (Sony’s Play Station).

Fact 5 What Others Say About Violent Video Games?

The main concern about these types of video games is that players become highly active in order to win the game and fulfill their tasks assigned to them of killing the enemies. The passive aspects of watching violent movies are compared here with the active participation of the players in violent video games. Researchers have found that there is short-term effect on the player’s thought processes but that is not in any way a permanent change.

Hence violent video games are not so harmful as some think but there should be certain amount of restrictions for students who play video games as it might hamper the regular studies and effect their eyes as well.

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