Facts about Veterinarians


Veterinarians are animal doctors who specialize in animal diseases and treatments. Some interesting facts about vets are:

Fact 1: There is a great need for the employment of the vets in the United States of America. In the year 2010, the animal doctors were allotted almost 61,000 jobs all over the States.

Fact 2: Some research reveals that this profession is soon going to be the most progressive profession in the U.S. in comparison to other professions which require at least a master level degree for growth.

Fact 3: The veterinarians earned a median annual salary equal to $82,900 in the year 2010. This is expected to increase at a higher rate as the profession is becoming more pronounced.

Fact 4: Being related to animals, an astonishing fact about vets is that almost 80% of all the students who register for the degree are females!!

Fact 5: Like the origin of most of the terminologies that we use, the word ‘Veterinarian’ comes from a Latin word ‘veterinae’ which means ‘working animals’.

Fact 6: Veterinarians can start practicing right after their graduation and licensure unlike the other physicians who have to have an internship to start their professional career.

Fact 7: Veterinarian science reveals that about 61% of all the disease-causing agents in the humans come from animals.

Fact 8: Veterinarians are the only doctors in the world who get to study both humans and animals and history has shown that the vets have played very important roles in helping human beings with health issues.

Fact 9: More than 70% of all the veterinarians are predominantly treating small animals like cats and dogs and other companion animals, reveals the American Medical Veterinary Association.

The veterinarians who work in research labs have the same opportunities and access to any high level research equipment as the human doctors.

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