Facts about Valleys!

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Valleys are a beautiful work of nature, In general terms they can be characterized as a low lying landform nestled between two mountains, often cupping vegetation within its depression. These natural depressions are most often a result of the work of natural phenomena such as scouring by rain or ice with gravity also playing a vital role in their formation. Most valleys are U or V shaped and are characterized by being wider than they are deep. The Valleys cut by rivers or streams are narrow and look like a steep V from afar. The Black Canyon is one such example. Other valleys are glacier made like the ones transformed by glaciers in the North and South Pole. Now we bring to you some interesting facts about valleys all around the world:

1. The World’s deepest valley is the Kali Gandaki River, located in Nepal. This river runs between the Himalayan peaks Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, both of them standing tall at 8000 meters height.

2. The most common valley known all over the world is the Grand Canyon at the Colorado River, Arizona. This canyon runs a mile deep and has a length of 590 feet and a width of 19 miles in all. This landform exists mainly due to the sedimentary action of the Colorado River.

3. The Napa Valley, located in America is the world’s largest and most popular wine producing valley and around 4% of the wine grapes grown in California are produced in Napa Valley.

4. A total of 430 physical wineries in Napa, produce a whopping 815 different brands of Wine and distribute them across the world.

5. Death Valley, also located in America is so known because of the extreme hot temperatures it experiences. With an area of 3.4 million acres this Death Valley holds the title of being America’s biggest National Park.

6. The barren Valley of death has said to experience a hottest temperature of 134F in the June of 1913. And anyone who has watched the Star Wars must be familiar with the Death Valley as numerous scenes from the movie have been shot here.

7. Another mysterious Valley that exists on this planet is the Valley of Kings or the Valley of the Tombs of Kings. This unique sits right next to River Nile in Upper Egypt. The valley is the final resting place of 63 Egyptian Pharaohs.

8. The Valley of the Kings was declared to be a World Heritage Site of Thebes in 1979. The Tomb of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen is also located in the Valley of Kings.

9. An entire portion of South Wales is dedicated to Valleys and has in fact been dubbed as ‘The Valleys’. This range can best be describes as vertical slashes in the mountain ranges extending from Newport to Cardiff. The Valleys were recognized for the coal mining activities that were carried out there but throughout the passage of time, the civilization has left its mark upon area in the form of bright colored roofs of houses located on terraces situated at impossible angles. The valleys are responsible for a high influx of tourist into south wales are a great economy boosting factor.

10. The Kashmir Valley shared between Pakistan and India is a gorgeous work of nature and is known by its famous title ‘Paradise on Earth’. The Valley has a length of 135 Km and is 32 Km wide. The valley has a variety of topography features ranging from lush green forest to lakes, rivers and beautiful pastures. A must visit place in one’s lifetime.

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