Facts About United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is one of the best known countries having a parliamentary kind of government. It is located in the northwestern part of Europe. The languages being spoken in the country are English, Welsh, Irish Gaelic, and Scottish Gaelic. In addition to that, the United Kingdom played a major role when it came to the parliamentary development of Great Britain and Ireland. Stonehenge is one of the remains of evidences that once the United Kingdom was ruled by the British.

Fact 1: Windsor Castle is known to be the largest castle being used as a home, and it is found in the United Kingdom.

Fact 2: The Royal Pavilion is a famous tourist spot with its seaside location that makes it more interesting for tourists.

Fact 3: ‘œThe Birthplace of Industry’ known to be the Iron Bridge is familiar for the 18th century style of the structures of the canals, factories, furnaces, and workshops.

Fact 4: Hadrian’s Wall plays an important part in the history of the United Kingdom allowing tourists  to have a bird’s-eye-view of the Roman legion wall which served as the protection of the northern part of Britain.

Fact 5: The currency of the country is called the pound sterling.

Fact 6: The United Kingdom is one of the most wonderful countries to visit around the world since there are many tourist attractions that people enjoy in Britain.

Fact 7: The famous Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer was inspired by the place Canterbury which is found in England, and it is known to be a peaceful place with numerous landmarks to be seen. One of the landmarks is the Canterbury Cathedral.

Fact 8: Ben Nevis in Britain is known to be the highest peak in the country.

Fact 9: London is another one of the most visited places in the country because of the innumerable scenic places in it.

Fact 10: Wales is the place where the royal family lives.

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