Facts about Tunisia

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Tunisia, a small North African country separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, attracts many adventurers. Besides the sea, this tourist friendly destination has mountains, desert, woodlands, and perfect landscapes for paragliding. Here are more interesting facts about Tunisia.

Fact 1: Tunisia is a country in Northern Africa.

Fact 2: The city of Kairouan, Tunisia ranks forth in importance as an Islamic city. The other three are Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem.

Fact 3: 98% of Tunisia is Muslim.

Fact 4
: Tunisia boast a warm climate, thousands of miles of Mediterranean coastline and Roman ruins, including Carthage.

Fact 5: Tunisia is situated along the Atlas Mountain Range.

Fact 6: For most nationalities, a visa is not required to enter the country.

Fact 7: Part of the Sahara Desert stretched into Tunisia.

Fact 8: A ¼ of Tunisia’s population lives in its capital, Tunis.

Fact 9: Tunisia was part of the Ottoman Empire in 1574.

Fact 10: During the 16th century, Tunisia was occupied by Spain for a short time.

Fact 11: Tunisia gained independence in 1956. Since then, it has only had two presidents.

Fact 12: Tunisia’s first president, Habib Bourgurba, ruled for thirty one years and was forcibly removed in a bloodless coup.

Fact 13: Tunisia is considered the most progressive Arab country in the world with respect to women’s rights.

Fact 14: Polygamy and repudiation (when a man divorces his wife by simply declaring it is so) are outlawed.

Fact 15: Women can pass on their names and nationalities to their children.

Fact 16: The minimum age to marry for both males and females is eighteen.

Fact 17: Tunisia borders Algeria and Libya.

Fact 18: Tunisia’s main exports are clothing, textiles, agricultural products, electrical equipment, and hydrocarbons.

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