Facts About Toucans

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Toucans are birds that can be found mostly in parts of Central and South America.  These birds have about 40 species in total with some very small in size while others reaching to 30 inches in length.  These birds are popular because of their large beaks and colorful feathers. They are considered as treasured birds in Brazil.  Both male and female toucans have brightly-colored feathers and large beaks. Some beaks are so large that they comprise half of entire body size of the bird.  The following are some facts about toucans:

Fact 1:  The large toucan beaks are “for show” only.  These beaks are mainly used as a warning tool for possible predators but they are not actually very strong and sharp.  The toucan beak is actually made of keratin similar to nails.  The beaks are not even sharp enough for toucans to create holes in the trunks of trees.

Fact 2:  Toucans typically live on abandoned holes in the trunk of trees.  With their beaks not strong enough to create their own home and nest, these birds simply try to find abandoned holes and tree nests to lay their eggs or have a home.

Fact 3:  Both the male and female parent toucans take turns in incubating the eggs.  The female toucans may the only one to lay 3 or 4 eggs in a year but her partner male will also help in incubating these eggs.

Fact 4:  Toucans have long tongues which are mainly used for eating purposes.  Under their huge beaks and bills are long tongues that help out in munching on their usual diet of fruits and some insects.

Fact 5:  Toucans typically stay in the same hole for nesting purposes.  When toucans have already chosen a hole in a tree to lay her first eggs, she and her partner are also very likely to go back to the same hole when the time comes for laying more eggs.

Fact 6:  Most toucans can be found living with a small group of birds.  They are also found to be very noisy because of their playful and social nature.  Toucans can basically create different sounds and noises every single day while playing and feeding with their small group of family and friends.

Fact 7:  Mating in toucans involves sharing of food.  Before the actual mating, toucans that are attracted to each other typically share and play with food by throwing them at each other using their large beaks.  This ritual will go on for several minutes until the actual mating takes place.

Fact 8:  Toucans sleep like a ball of feathers. When they fall asleep, toucans typically tuck their large beaks underneath their feathers. This action basically makes their bodies look round and compact.  Many people believe that this is also one way for toucans to fit in the tree holes that they call home.

Fact 9:  Many species of toucans can live for as long as 20 years.  Some toucans may be small in size while the other species may be large but most of them can survive the wild for about two decades.

 Fact 10:  Indigenous tribes often consider toucan birds as very sacred.  These colorful birds are even said as the connection between the spirits and the living humans of the Earth.

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