Facts About Tony Awards

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The Tony Awards is the most coveted and prestigious award in the theater industry. All those involved in theater productions in the US are given a career-boost when they win a Tony Award. Named after the founder of the American Theater Wing – Antoinette or Tony Perry, this award gives recognition to the best in the US theater industry. Below are some facts related to the Tony Awards:

Fact 1: Early winners of the Tony Awards received jewelry. Present winners get trophies but during the first 2 years of the Tony Awards which was first given out in 1947, winners were actually given jewelry like bracelets and money clips.

Fact 2: Not all plays and theater productions in the US can win a Tony Award. This is because only shows that are staged in Broadway are eligible to win this prestigious award.

Fact 3: Hosting the Tony Awards can make one win an Emmy Award. Since the Tony Awards show is broadcast in television, Neil Patrick Harris was actually able to win an Emmy with his hosting. Harris became host of the Tony Awards for 4 times.

Fact 4: Tom Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia” won a total of 7 Tony Awards in 10 nominations. This happened back in 2007 and still stands to become the most-awarded production show in Broadway and Tony Award history.

Fact 5: Harold Prince is the winningest in the Broadway Theater industry in terms of Tony Awards. Prince won a whopping 21 Tonys which mostly came from his directing and producing several stage productions.

Fact 6: Angela Lansbury holds the distinction of hosting to Tony Awards show the most. Lansbury was able to host this popular show for 5 times.

Fact 7: Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway production in history. Having won Best Musical Tony Award in its first year in 1988, this show is still running and continues to become very popular in present times.

Fact 8: Only one Tony Award was won by three actors back in 2009. For the musical Billy Elliot, the main character was played alternately by three actors and the three of them shared one Tony Award for their performances.

Fact 9: The recent 2015 Tony Award-win for Fun Home marks the first time in Broadway history that an all-woman writing team won the award for Best Musical. Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori were credited with writing the production’s musical scores and lyrics.

Fact 10: Only 1 replacement cast was ever nominated for a category in the Tony Awards. All other nominations were given to those who are originally casted for their parts in various productions of Broadway. Larry Kent was Best Actor in a Musical nominee back in 1971 and he was only a replacement to original actor Dean Jones who left the production after its opening night.

Fact 11: “I Am My Own Wife”, a one-person play is the only play of its kind to win a Best Play Tony Award. This same play also made the only actor to bag the Best Actor in a Play trophy.

Fact 12: At 11 years old, Frankie Michaels is the youngest to win a Tony Award. He was part of the cast of “Mame” that was staged in 1966.

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