Facts About Titanium

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Titanium is an element that has the strength of steel and, at the same time, weighs as light as aluminum.  This element derived its name from the Greek mythology word ‘œtitans.’ This is because this element is known for its strength. This element could withstand extreme temperatures and corrosion.

FACT 1: Titanium is the material used for aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. This is because of its strength and weight. This is also the only element that can withstand the extreme pressures of going into space and as well as the re-entry back to Earth. Spacecraft are made of 85 percent titanium.

FACT 2: Titanium is also the material used for ship parts that are often subjected to seawater. These parts include the propeller shafts and riggings. This is because of its high resistance to corrosion and sea water.

Strength and durability are some of titanium’s great qualities.  It is also 42 percent lighter than steel. That is the reason why it is the preferred material for bicycles, sports products, and even computer cases and jewelry.

FACT 4: Titanium is a pure metal. This the only element that is 99 percent pure. Unlike gold, which is only 58 percent pure, and platinum, which is only 90 percent pure.

FACT 5: It is believed that if titanium was discovered prior to the discovery of gold and platinum, this would have been the popular material used for jewelry.

Titanium is now the most favored material for golf clubs by Tiger Woods.  This is because of its light weight and durability.
On Earth, titanium is ranked as the ninth most abundant element that could be unearthed.

FACT 8: Titanium is also an element that could be found on the sun and in meteorites.

FACT 9: Titanium has a very effective covering power. That is the reason why this is used as a material for paint production. Titanium paints are resistant to infrared radiation.

FACT 10: It took half a century for metallurgists to separate titanium from its compound materials. Titanium could not be extracted with the use of conventional methods of extraction and refinement.

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