Facts About the VIETNAM WAR

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Vietnam War

Fact 1: The first man killed in the Vietnam War was James Davis in the year 1958. The Saigon Davis radio station was named after him. About 58, 148 people were killed in Vietnam.

Fact 2: During the official Vietnam era, the military personnel who were on active duty were about
9,087 000 in the period from August 5th, 1964 to May 7th, 1975.

Fact 3: The Vietnam War was served by 2,709,918 Americans in uniform.

Fact 4: The Medal of Honor was given to 240 people at the time of the Vietnam War.

Fact 5: There were 75,000 severely disabled people while 23,214 members were completely disabled.

Fact 6: Approimately 5,283 people lost their limbs.

Fact 7: Several relentless amputations were experienced by 1,081 people.

Fact 8: Among the people who were killed, the greatest percentage of people were between the ages of 21 to 61.

Fact 9: The number of killed people who were below 20 years of age was 11,465.

Fact 10: Among the people killed, 17,539 were found to be married.

Fact 11: The men killed averaged in age about 23 years.

Fact 12: Among the men killed, the oldest one was with 62 years.

Fact 13: There were 5 men who were 16 years of age that were killed in the Vietnam War.

Fact 14: As per the survey conducted January  15th, 2004,  only 1,875 Americans could not be identified from the Vietnam War.

Fact 15: The Vietnam veterans had an advantage as they did not face a high unemployment rate compared to the non-veterans who were at the same age.

Fact 16: The income of the Vietnam veterans was 18 percent higher than the non-veterans at the same age.
Fact 17: About 70 percent of people killed in the Vietnam War were volunteers.

Fact 18: The servicemen sent to Vietnam were  some of the best educated forces. About 79 percent of them had an high school education and even higher.

Fact 19: Among the dead, 86 percent men were Caucasians, 1.2 percent from other races, and 12.5 percent were blacks.

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