Facts About the Muscular System

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This article tells you about the muscular system and has important yet very interesting facts revolving around it. Take note that the muscular system stated by this article is not limited to the muscular system of humans.

Fact 1. Your muscular system and your skeletal system work together to move certain weight loads. The muscles are the ones that pull the bones in a direction against their weight while the joints will serves as a fulcrum in order for the muscle or bone to move.

Fact 2. Your skeletal muscles work by pairs. The one contracts, the other one stretches.

Fact 3. Your body has over 600 types of muscles .

Fact 4. A single muscle contains hundreds of thousands of fibers made up of muscle-like strands.

Fact 5. About 40 percent of your body consists of your muscles.

Fact 6. Your skeletal muscles contain muscle tones. This means that they are tapered to a certain extent.

Fact 7. If your body becomes cold, you will shiver. Shivering then causes muscle contractions that are very quick to create heat.

Fact 8. The muscular system of other species of animals can be transformed into different kinds of structures. For example, the muscles of some fish have unique organs that produce electricity.

Fact 9. In medical terms, a ‘œred muscle’ means that the muscle is highly vascularized. It has a lot more resistance towards fatigue. A ‘œwhite muscle’ is classified as having low vascularization. It has less resistance towards fatigue.

Fact 10. The muscles of the heart do not get fatigued easily. It is a very important ability in muscles that can be used to maintain blood circulation in the body.

Fact 11. The muscular system of tetrapods functions both for support and movement.

Fact 12. Every time your muscles move, you lose electrolytes. For example, when your muscles contract, you lose potassium.

Fact 13. Some muscles are voluntary and can be controlled by us while others are involuntary and cannot be controlled.

Fact 14. The major skeletal muscles include: the facial, neck, forearm, shoulder, thorax, forearm, thorax, abdominal, hip, pelvis and leg muscles.

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