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Fact 1: The only satellite for the Earth is  the Moon.

Fact 2: The rotation speed of the Moon is 10 miles per hour.

Fact 3: The size of the Moon is slightly larger than one-fourth the size of the Earth.

Fact 4: The diameter of the Moon is 3476 kilometers.

Fact 5:  The Moon is observed as the fifth biggest satellite in the solar system.

Fact 6: The surface area of the Moon is 37,932,000 square kilometers.

Fact 7: The gravitational force on the Moon is one-sixth of the gravity on the Earth.

Fact 8: The average distance between the Moon and the Earth is 2,390,000 miles.

Fact 9: The distance between  the Sun and the Moon is 91,341,565 miles.

Fact 10: If the Moon is present right above the coast, the Moon causes tides to rise from the sea. This happens as the gravity of the Moon influences the oceans on the Earth.

Fact 11: The Moon revolves around the Earth at the speed of 2,300 miles per hour.

Fact 12: The Moon does not possess any atmosphere on it.

Fact 13: The temperatures on the Moon exist in the range of 253 degrees F to -387 degree F.

Fact 14: A man weighing 16.6 pounds on the Moon will weigh 100 pounds on Earth.

Fact 15: The first man who stepped on the Moon was Neil Armstrong.

Fact 16: The time taken for the Moon to orbit the Earth is same as the time taken for the Moon to rotate around its axis.

Fact 17: If the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, a solar eclipse results while a lunar eclipse results when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon.

Fact 18: The first American space project that landed on the Moon was Apollo 11.

Fact 19: The four phases of the Moon are Last Quarter, Full Moon, First Quarter, and New Moon.

Fact 20: There are 300,000 craters observed to be present on the Moon spanning the distance of one kilometer.

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