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Besides a great GPA, a lengthy application, and some cash, if you want to attend graduate management school you have to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Here are ten facts about this all-important test.

Fact 1: The test is in four sections: analyzing arguments, interpreting graphs, problem solving, and reading comprehension.

Fact 2: The time allowed for each section totals three and a half hours, but when the breaks are added, the time increases to four hours.

Fact 3: Parts of the test are presented on a computer. If you answer a question correctly, the computer will give you harder questions; if you answer incorrectly, it will give you easier questions.

Fact 4: Since getting a wrong answer can count against you, it’s better to take your time and eliminate all the answers you can.

Fact 5: Even though you shouldn’t rush, you will be penalized for not finishing certain sections of the test. The computer will show you how many more questions and how much time you have left.

Fact 6: Your score comes from how many questions you finish, how many correct answers you had, and how difficult each question was.

Fact 7: The test is designed for students going to graduate schools to study management.

Fact 8: It is usually given year-round, but each school has a different date for when they need to receive the results. If you have a specific date you want to take the test, you should register early.

Fact 9: Taking the GMAT is required by most business schools, but some schools consider it more important than others. Your GPA will also be taken under consideration.

Fact 10: The Verbal and Quantitative sections are measured on a score of 0-60. The Reasoning section is measured on a score of 1-8, and the Analytical section is measured on a score of 1-6.

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