Facts About the Country of Spain

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Spain is among the most culturally rich countries in the world and one that is filled with historical significance. A popular travel destination for tourists, it is known for its festivals, bullfighting traditions, and, of course, football there means more to Spaniards than what popular culture shows. Here are 10 truths about the country as well as its culture:


Fact 1: It is interesting to note that ‘œSpain,’ derived from the word ‘œIspana,’ translates into ‘œland of rabbits.’ Does this mean that rabbits once thrived in the country?


Fact 2: Compared to most members of the European Union (EU), Spain prides itself as having the most open bars compared to its peers.


Fact 3: Spain is stated to have the least population of all western European countries today.


Fact 4: The country was among the few that did not take part in both World Wars. It maintained its neutral position throughout.


Fact 5: During the Ice Age, Spain was located far enough south that its flora and fauna were able to survive. This can be seen today as Spain alone has 2,000 unique plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.


Fact 6: In Western Europe, Spain is considered to be the second largest country and the second most mountainous next to Switzerland.


Fact 7: Spain is the top distributor of olive oil in the world and accounts for 45 percent of all olive oil products being exported throughout the globe.


Fact 8: The oldest known cave painting can only be found in Spain. Scientists have placed the date of this painting at 40,000 years ago.

Fact 9: While being five times larger than the United Kingdom, Spain only has two-thirds of the U.K.’s overall population.


Fact 10: Spain has legalized same sex marriages since 2005, and the age of consent in the country is 13 years old compared to the common 18 years old in most countries.


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