Facts About the Circulatory System

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The circulatory system in living beings is responsible for keeping all body functions normal by means of supplying nutrients, oxygen, and water to the body’s cells. Many people want to expand from this usual information and want to know some interesting facts about the circulatory system. This article will assist  such people in a beautiful manner.

Fact 1: The circulatory system produces an ability in our body to fight against diseases and to maintain body pH and temperature by passing amino acids, electrolytes, blood cells, and gases in the body cells.

Fact 2:  It is interesting to know that not only blood cells but blood plasma also move through the entire body by means of the circulatory system.

Fact 3: The function of the circulatory system is not just passing the useful nutrients into the body cells; it also carries away waste from the body’s cells like carbon dioxide.

Fact 4: The circulatory system of living beings comprises three parts which include: heart, blood, and blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, and veins).

Fact 5: As far as the circulatory system is concerned with blood cells and blood plasma, so it will be interesting to know that 1 drop of blood comprises 10,000 white and 5 million red blood cells along with a half drop of plasma.

Fact 6: An amazing fact about the circulatory system is that a red blood cell can complete its one circuit of the entire body within just 20 seconds.

Fact 7: In cases of a normal person, about 7,572 liters of blood circulate within the entire body during the whole day.

Fact 8: It will be a really surprising fact for you to know that blood circulates within our body to cover a distance of 96,556 km. per day.

Fact 9: If any person gets infected from atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm,  or hypertension, it means he is suffering from a disease related to the circulatory system.

Fact 10: The most interesting fact about the circulatory system is that the amount of blood which our heart pumps out in our whole life of about 60 years is enough to fill up at least 100, large-size swimming pools.

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