Facts about the Cancer zodiac

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“So few people admit to belief in astrology, but I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t know their star sign”.

The above quote by P.K Shaw indeed holds true for all of us, regardless of age. While many of us may not be staunch believers of astrology, we do often humor ourselves by scrolling through articles and posts to see what our zodiac signs have to say about our personalities.

While some of it is true, and some of it isn’t, it’s always easy to just shrug your shoulders and say “well, I am what my stars want me to be”

Scientifically, the zodiacs are 30 degree division of the celestial longitude centered on the elliptical path of the sun athwart the celestial sphere in one year. This gives rise to 12 zodiacs, each governing different time frames in a year and with different representations.

June 22nd – July 22nd is the month of the cancer zodiac, represented by the crab.

Here are a few facts about this zodiac sign.

1.Cancer is a water sign.

The water signs are generally believed to be very indecisive. These are the most sensitive signs and may be highly emotional. Most often, their emotions reveal their artistic side but may also prove to be a major disadvantage causing them to retire to an unrealistic, safe zone.

2. Cancers are most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces.

Scorpio and Pisces are Cancer’s fellow water signs. These three signs are thus believed to be highly compatible with one another.

3. The cancer constellation is the most difficult to spot.

The constellation of cancer contains no bright stars, and is hence the most difficult to spot.  It is however surrounded by much brighter constellations like Leo to its West and Gemini. The M44, also known as the beehive cluster or Praesepe can be found within the cancer constellations.

4. Cancer represents the crab.

The story goes that during the battle between Heracles and sea serpent Hydra, Hera sent the crab to help Hydra. The crab was however smashed by Heracles and lifted up into the skies by Hera to award him for his bravery.

The cancer zodiac sign is also called “Karkata” in Sanskrit and “Karkinos” in Greek.

5. Positive characteristics of Cancer.

People born under this sign are generally emotional, caring, dependable and protective.

6. Negative characteristics of cancer.

People born under this sign may also be moody, clingy, overemotional and self pitying.

7. Sidereal zodiac of Cancer is from 16th July to 15th

The sidereal zodiac generally defines signs based on fixed position of stars. It is more widely used in Hindu Astrology and was used and established by the astrologer Cyril Fagan.

8. Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon.

Every sign is given a planetary ruler, whose influence over the sign is believed to be most powerful when positioned during their respective time frames. The zodiac sign is thus generalized as the planet’s domicile.

9.The cancer’s luck charms:

Lucky days- Monday, Thursday

Lucky numbers- 2, 11

Lucky colors- Orange, White

Luck stones- Pearl, Moon stone

10. The Altarf is the brightest star in the Cancer constellation.

The Altarf is a giant orange star, almost 50 times the radius of the sun. It is present at a distance of about 300 light years from the Earth. The other stars in the Cancer constellation include, Asellus Borealis, Asellus Australis, Tegmine and Acubens.

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