Facts About Texas A&M

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Among the various outstanding universities of the world, Texas A& M occupies one of the top positions. Students who pass out from this university feel proud of their institution as it offers an all-round education to all students alike.

Fact 1 About The University

Texas A&M University is a coeducational research university for all who wish to gain knowledge and establish oneself in this huge world. It is the best institution of the Texas A&M University System and the largest in Texas. This university occupies the fourth position among the largest universities of the United States of America. It is the first public institution for higher education in Texas.

Fact 2 The Campus Of Texas A&M University

The main campus is one of the largest in the United States covering 21km. It is located in College Station, Texas, about 90 miles northwest of Houston and within 2 to 3 hours drive from Dallas and Austin. Texas A&M’s designation as a sea, land and space grant institution bears evidence of a range of research along with ongoing projects that are funded by agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. It was opened in 1876 on the 4th of October as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas under the provisions of the Morrill Land-Grant Acts. At the beginning there were no classes on Agriculture. Rather the school imparted extensive knowledge to students in subjects like classical languages. Literature and applied mathematics.

Fact 3 Student Capacity

Texas A&M University is home to more than 50,000 students. The campus has such a vast area that about 1/5 of the students live on the campus. Most of them come from far away countries also to gain knowledge on the various subjects that are taught here. The university includes the George Bush Presidential Library. There are approximately 1000 students’ organizations that are officially recognized. The university holds membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities among the 62 institutions with this distinction.

Fact 4

After a 4-year course, students attain degrees in their respective fields of studies like scientific agriculture, mining and civil engineering, language and literature. To make the institution’s roles and academic features more prominent, it was renamed as Texas A&M University by the Texas Legislature in 1963. The letters A&M are the original short forms of Agriculture and Mechanical which is retained till today only to remember the initial days of the University. The school students, sports teams and alumni are known as Aggies.

Fact 5 Branches of Texas A&M

A &M operates two branches namely Texas A&M at Qatar and Texas A&M University at Galveston. The university has direct presence in each of the 254 countries in Texas as it works with agencies like the Texas AgriLife Research and Texas AgriLife Extension Service. It ranks in the top 20 American research institutes in funding and has made contributions to such fields as animal cloning and petroleum engineering.

Fact 6 Other Aspects Of The University

The traditions of Texas A&M University are observed by many students that include sports events and others. On the 1st of July 2012, the school joined the Southeastern Conference. Degrees offered by the University include 150 courses of study through 10 colleges and houses 18 research institutes. It is one of six American public universities among Senior Military College with full-time volunteer Cadet Corps. It finished 5th in the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup and is recognized as Home of the 12th Man where the supporters stand during football matches for their fellow Aggies. The Kyle Field is the renowned football stadium.

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