Facts About Termites

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Termites are commonly regarded to as pests by most people because of their ability to destroy an entire house or building. They are best known for property damage by means of chewing up wood in walls, posts, and ceilings of houses and buildings. There are more than 2000 species of them around the world but many of them can be found in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Below are some facts related to termites:

Fact 1: Termites are social animals. These insects actually like to be around with a group. Young termites are typically raised with other members of a group or colony.

Fact 2: Termites can eat up wood for 24 hours a day. This simply translates to non-stop chewing of wood and therefore damaging property like houses and buildings. These pests can go on munching on wood their entire lives and this is why they are unwanted visitors in any home or property.

Fact 3: Many termites actually have wings. Some people may only know of termites that are similar to ants but with light-colored bodies but they actually have wings. These wings are simply shed off at the time when they found their perfect spot for living and eating wood.

Fact 4: Termites have special task and duties just like other insects and ants. Some fortunate termites become king or queen of an entire colony that may be composed of millions of members. Others meanwhile are tasked as protectors of the next or the queen. Most termites are workers that do all the dirty work for their colony. Worker termites are responsible for the destruction of wooden things and structures.

Fact 5: Termites eat wood because of its cellulose content. Through this substance, termites can live for several years with some reaching to 20 years. With the aid of bacteria and microorganisms, cellulose from the wood can be digested by termites.

Fact 6: Termites serve as food in other regions of the world. Many insects can actually be eat with termites included in the list. Big termites like the queens of their colony are often eaten raw in some Countries like Singapore. Macu Indians also eat termites during seasons of drought.

Fact 7: Termites in Africa have been recorded to create soil mounds of as high as 42 feet. These mounds are also hard enough to reach more than 20 feet above the ground. At more than 40 feet, termite mounds are actually level with a typical two-storey structure.

Fact 8: Many termite species are afraid of the light. These insects prefer to live in the dark and this is the very reason that they are referred to as silent destroyers of property. They are seldom seen while munching on wood endlessly and tirelessly.

Fact 9: Termites have a purpose in the environment. They may be deemed as pests but they support the environment by way of breaking down plant fibers and putting nutrients to the soil by way of munching on dead branches of trees and plants.

Fact 10: Many termites are blind. Worker termites and protector or soldier termites cannot actually see where they’re going when eating up wood pulp. Most of their time is spent in darkness and these groups of termites also do not need vision to survive.

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