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The world has become too much dependent on technology and we just cannot imagine to do a single task without technology. Technology has taken over the world and it has make things easier for us. If on one hand, it has become a necessity, on the other hand it has also the destructive effects on the society as well. Whatever the disadvantages of technology may be, all we know is that it is one important requirement of life in this era and technology has to be there for an efficient productivity and output of a process. Many people are in opinion that technology has more downsides as compared to it advantages but rule of the thumb is that if you use everything within a limit, then there will be no harmful effect. This article will be focusing on some interesting facts about technology that you would rarely know.


Hard drive is an important component of any electronic gadget and the fact is that the first ever hard drive was presented by IBM, a big technological company in 1956. At that time, this hard drive was known as IBM Model 350 disk file. It was able to hold 5MB of data with a huge sized storage unit.


Viruses have always been hitting out technology gadgets and most of them sometimes damage the system as well. But do you know that when the first cell phone virus appeared was? The first cell phone virus was appeared in 2004 and it is popularly known as Cabir.A. Since 2004, we are dealing with these viruses but with the advancement in technology, many solutions have been proposed to fight with these viruses and protect you gadget.


We all use cell phones and life without a cell phone cannot be imagined any more. It has become a necessity but no one knows that which android phone first came into the market. So the first android phone was HTC dream which captured a large market share as it was the first time that people were using android phones.


We all are aware of spams. The interesting fact about spams is that every year, spam wastes 33bn KWt-Hours of energy. This much amount of energy is more than enough to provide power to 2.4 million homes, which further can produce CO2 in the amount of 17 million tons.


One interesting fact about search engines is that they consume energy as well. It has been known that a single google search can produce 0.2g of CO2. But normally we don’t get the desired answer from a single search so a search session of 5 to 10 searches can altogether produce exactly the same amount of CO2 as we can obtain from a boiling kettle.


Use of technology has become so common that every other person owns an electronic gadget. The interesting fact about these devices is that every year in United States, two hundred and twenty million tons of technological devices and old computer systems are trashed. This shows that technology is very common and almost everyone in the world owns it.


Television is also technological evidence and it is found in each and every house. But the interesting fact is that there are about thirty million individuals in the world who use their mobile phones to watch television programs. This is how technology has been evolved from such big sized television sets to small gadgets.


We all know about Ebay, which is one of the world’s largest online retailers. The interesting fact about eBay is that the average amount of transactions that are being done on EBay per second are worth $680.


Just like other social networking sites, MySpace Is a site in which there are about 110 million users and people say that if MySpace was some country, it would have the tenth largest population in the world.

FACT 10:

YouTube is very popular these days and the interesting fact about YouTube is that about 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube per minute by the individual users of the site.

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