Facts About Target

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At least for those in the US, the name “Target” and its ‘Bullseye’ logo is quite a familiar name and sight. And for those who are unfamiliar with this entity; it is one of the top retailing organizations in the US that has spread its territory to Canada and is today one of the top retailers in the whole of North America!

Fact 1:
Started in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target Corporation is considered the largest in the US, when it comes to discount retailing, and enjoys the third place when it comes to the World scenario.

Fact 2:
Founded by George Dayton, this corporation has close to 2,000 outlets spread across North America. However, it is believed that its primary and major source of income comes from the 1,800 and odd outlets in the US. And that is a whopping 72 billion in revenues alone!

Fact 3:
Although Target has achieved and gone beyond its “targeted income and revenues” what makes it a great success is its “employee-focused” perspective of business. It has been awarded the “Most Admired Company” of the year by the Fortune Magazine in 2012 and was ranked in the 25th position.

Fact 4:
If all this makes you want to become part of Target’s esteemed employee sector, don’t worry; there are a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you! This corporation offers a wide array of job titles ranging from pharmacists to textile designers and architects to librarians! It would come as a great surprise to know that one of the team members in their Product Design & Development team is actually a rocket scientist!

Fact 5:
Rocket scientists are not the only one of the kind employed by Target; they even have food scientists! In fact, there are a whole lot of them populating Target’s kitchens and experimenting, testing, and developing new foods; both, for their Market Pantry and for their Archer Farms. Did you know that they have something called “Cake Week” that is hosted at least five times every year? This is intended to help evaluate cake designs!

Fact 6:
Besides focusing on employee welfare and well-being, another area in which Target has its focus is local community based service and volunteering. These activities are coordinated by their “Community Captains” and include offering grants to local schools through programs such as “Target’s Books for School Award”.

Fact 7:
To cater to the numerous stores in a region, Target has distribution centers. Generally, these centers take care of 50 to 80 Target outlets. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these distribution centers are spread across anywhere from 1.3 million square feet to 1.6 million square feet.

Fact 8:
Like many major corporations, Target also has its backup and crisis management centers. In fact, it has two major command centers – one, at its headquarters in Minneapolis and the other, at Bangalore in India! These are intended to help predict and manage major crisis and are built with tools to track weather, current news, satellite imaging, and travel tracking!

Fact 9:
Target has one of the world’s best IT infrastructures to maintain its mobile apps, website, and online retailing. The success of this can be attributed to its 3,000-member strong IT services team that has laid the strong foundation for the building and maintenance of this infrastructure!

Fact 10:
The employee-friendly image created by Target is not just a marketing gimmick. This was one of the first organizations in the US to offer retirement benefits to its employees. And this was soon followed up by a comprehensive insurance policy as well. And these were introduced during and soon after the Second World War.

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