Facts About Talisay Philippines.

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Founded in the 1700s Talisay is situated in the province of Negros Occidental near the city of Cebu. Named after the almond tree called the magtalisay found in abundance in the city, this city is a delightful tourist destination. It offers a breathtaking view of the mountains, calm blue of the beaches, and serenity of the nature.

Santa Teresa de Avila is the oldest church in Talisay. It dates back to the Augustinian period and the architecture is influenced by the Greco-Roman style. Strategically situated in the center of the city it exudes elegance and beauty.

The Igutan or Igotan Cave and waterfalls is located in Jaclupan in Talisay city. There is one smaller waterfall outside the cave and a larger one inside. Going inside the cave can be tricky as the passages get really narrow and the ceiling really low in places. The atrium is bigger and is known for its therapeutic and healing environment. The locals believe that this place is inhabited by fairies, spirits and such.

Crocolandia situated near the Talisay city hall in Biasong, is a small park that houses crocodiles, pythons and other exotic animals. It’s a thirty minutes drive from Cibu city. The most exciting part of the visit especially for the kids is to see the crocs and boas being fed. It is equipped with a play area, canteen and a souvenir shop. One can easily spend an hour here.

Balay ni Tana Dicang, located in the Enrique Lizares Street, is the ancestral house of Efigenio and Enrica Lizares. It was built in 1883 and is now turned into a museum and lifestyle gallery. It is open to public seven days a week. It gives a thrilling insight into the life of the rich and powerful sugar moguls who more or less ruled the city back then. And of course the house is haunted…

Talisay Liberation Park located on the coast of barangay Poblacion has been declared as a national historical shrine. This is the place where the American soldiers landed in March 1945. Life size statues of soldiers flank the seaside to commemorate their glory.

Lagundi Reef is one of the best diving sites in the country. Located in Poblacion, it is an underwater paradise pulsating with exciting and effervescent marine life, historical wrecks and ruins. The reef assures a thrilling day full of quests and explorations.

The Larawan Beach is ideal for spending a quiet evening, taking a stroll along the shore, having a picnic and spending time with kids and family. One of the attractions of the beach is also the delicious lechon barbeque.

The city also offers a variety of spas, resorts and amusement parks for spending a lazy day pampering yourself. The Aqua Cainta resort located at barangay Pooc is affordable and liked by tourists for its mini Jacuzzis and pools. The Mountain View Park offers an array of activities like mountain biking, adventure sports trecks and hikes. You will also find the attractions of the modern day at the amusement parks like minifunland and Campuestohan Highland Resort.

Festivals like the Minulu-an-Festival held every year between September 4-10 and the Pasidungog Thanksgiving Festival celebrated on the 11th of February add to the charm of the city.

A good holiday is often made memorable by delicious food and specialties of the region. Talisay’s major food attraction is the famous lechon barbeque. Other than this the city offers a range of authentic Filipino banquet spreads, casual dining, desserts and fast food.

A trip to Talisay may turn out to be the rainbow you were looking for.

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