Facts about Superman

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1. Sole Survivor of Krypton

Superman was the single survivor of Krypton, a planet. Jor-El, Superman’s father learnt that a nuclear chain reaction was forming inside Krypton and would shatter the entire planet. Jor-El planned to have his yet to be born son, Kal-El, to be moved from Kryptonian Gestation Chambers to an experimental vessel and a life matrix that had Kal-El fixed. The vessel was to travel through hyperspace. Just before the explosion of Krypton, Jor-El set up the starcraft to journey towards Earth.

2.Born on Planet Earth

When the starcraft landed on Earth, Superman was born there. Martha and Jonathan Kent found little Superman inside the starcraft vessel and took him to their Smallville farm in Kansas. Since Superman looked purely human, the Kents took care of him assuming he was just a baby who was a victim of some cruel experiment. As a baby, he did not have super powers. The Kents gave the baby the name Clark and raised him up as their son.

 3. Superhuman Abilities

As he grew older, Clark’s Kryptonian body started developing supernatural abilities. When he turned 18, Jonathan took him to field to find and showed him his starcraft. He explained how he and his wife found him. From that moment on, Clark decided to utilize his superhuman abilities for the good of people only. He revealed his secret to Lana Lang, his childhood friend before leaving Smallville for Metropolis University for studies.

4. Superman isn’t all about Glasses

The disguise used by Clark is not just simple glasses and slicked back hair. The lenses on his glasses are tinted slightly to change the shade on his eyes. Superman gives himself a variant voice as he plays Clark Kent due to the incredible control he has over his vocal cords and muscles. Loose slouching and clothing makes him have a different body impression and his acting and studying techniques complete his disguise as Clark.

 5. Superman and Clark Kent have been spotted together

DC Universe features heroes with varying abilities. Occasionally, some of Superman’s friends who have the capacity to shift shapes have masqueraded to be Clark Kent allowing the popular Man of Steel and reporter to be spotted, even photographed together. To the public, they appear as friends who resemble each other a lot.

6. The famous ‘S’

The popular S-shield does not stand for Superman’s family crest alone. The ‘S’ was hinted in a 1978 feature film for the first time in series ‘52’ and a comic story book called ‘Superman: Birthright’. In these books, ‘S’ was also used as the Kryptonian symbol that stands for ‘hope’. When the ‘S’ shield is drawn upside down apparently changes its meaning from ‘hope’ to ‘resurrection’.

 7. Safeguarding Superheroes

When he began wearing glasses in his high school days as a freshman, Clark was not thinking of secret identities. His full powers were emerging and he faced the challenge of knowing to control them. Martha Kent realized his heat vision didn’t get burnt by the rocket that got him back to Earth. She collected pieces of glass from the window and placed them in frames. The glasses blocked the heat-vision.

 8. A Time Traveler

The Legion of Super Heroes visited Clark during his high school days. The Legion brought him into future adventures regularly. When he returned home, sections of Clark’s memory were clouded to prevent him from altering his future. These trips helped him learn how to become a hero.

 9. Superman’s Initial Appearance

Superman appeared in 1938 for the first time. The comic held that he was incredibly strong and could leap up to 1/8th of a mile. His ability to fly initially should up in his original cartoons and radio series. According to comics, he got the ability to fly officially in 1941.

 10. Superman’s Weakness

Superman gets power from the yellow sun and standing in a red sun’s light, like the one Krypto removed, weakens him immediately making him susceptible like any other human being.

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