Facts About Superheroes

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The idea of Superheroes has come down from the ages when not only children but teenagers were fascinated to hear the folklores of Robin Hood. Masked men with immense power and the urge to do good to others were the main characteristics of superheroes and they were adored by kids of all ages.

Fact 1 Characteristics of Superheroes

Superheroes, as the word implies are figures with supernatural or extraordinary powers and skills to achieve success. Their costumes, line of action and motives are all of a higher level and point towards the well being of humans. Some of the important traits of superheroes that make them so astonishingly attractive are namely:

  1. They have exceptional power and skills and use advanced equipments to fulfill their ends.
  2. Superheroes are strong and possessor of superhuman powers like the ability to fly, deft in martial arts, use special weapons, enhanced senses and aware of the latest technologies.
  3. The morality portrayed in superheroes is the most unique qualities for which most parents are in favor of reading out comics of superheroes or buying them for their kids. They are willing to risk their own lives to save others. They serve others without asking for rewards.  Hence they are reluctant to use lethal weapons or to kill. They have a moral responsibility and are up against criminals and fight for justice.
  4. Often these superheroes have a secret identity to protect their family members and friends from harm by enemies. They have code names and the homes where they stay are unknown and so they appear anytime anywhere to save their fans.
  5. Another important characteristic of the superheroes is the back story which has led to their acquisition of immense power and abilities.

Fact 2 Features of Costumes and Emblems of Superheroes

The most common feature of the costumes that our popular superheroes wear is the mask like Robin and Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and Black Panther. The upper portion of the face is covered while the jaw and mouth are exposed. Superman however does not wear anything but uses large glasses when he is a civilian. Doctor Fate and Magneto wear helmets. As for the symbols, stylized letters and icons are seen on the chest like the S for Superman, the bat emblem of Batman, spider emblem for Spiderman, the Fantastic Four has the number 4 written on their suits and X on X-Men’s costumes. The costumes are however of tight-fits and the accessories like the Batman’s belt or the Spawn’s armor has functional uses. Some superheroes wear capes too. Santana and Ghost-Rider are however seen dressed up in professional attires according to their profession.

Fact 3 Unknown facts behind the superheroes

The characters and images that we see today of the superheroes have undergone many changes. There are many unknown facts about them like:

  • Spider-Man created by Marvel feared that his figure would frighten people especially children.
  • Superman was originally visualized as a bald megalomaniac. It is unbelievable but the truth.
  • Dare Devil of Stan Lee was feared to be despised by viewers and offend readers.
  • There was a change of the shield of Captain America.
  • Hulk was supposed to be gray in color and what do we see today?
  • .Wonder Woman was created as a feminist ideal and to uphold women power. Similarly Venom was also going to be a woman.
  • Wolverine was created because animal characters were the favorites of the Canadian people and used Canadian animals to introduce this new figure around 1974. The Badger too came into being in the same way.

Today there is hardly anyone in this universe who is not aware of the superheroes and children as well as adults enjoy reading the amazing comics and watching movies of their favorite superheroes.

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