Facts About Storms

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Storms are natural phenomena that can become devastating at any time. Although, meteorologists forewarn people of the coming storms, the actual intensity can never be understood properly. Most often, storms leave behind devastating effects on mankind as well as animals and nature.

Fact 1 What Is A Storm?
A storm refers to any disturbed condition of the environment cause by natural agents like winds accompanied with rain, hailstorms and thunder and lightning. A storm changes the weather conditions of an entire place that extends for miles. It implies severe weather changes that hinder normal conditions. The most common storms are characterized by gusts of winds carrying dust and all that they gather while moving at great speed that are followed by torrential rains, thunder, lightning etc.

Fact 2 How Are Storms Formed
Everybody is aware of the fact that when the earth gets heated, a low pressure area is created at the center and the hot air rises above the grounds. This heated area is surrounded by high pressure and the opposing forces create strong winds. This in turn creates storm clouds or whirlwinds. When these forces of nature ravage the earth at unbelievable speed, there is bound to be damages to all living beings and nature as well. Sometimes these storms travel at a speed of more than 90 or 100 mph.

Fact 3 Kinds Of Storms

Storms differ according to the position from where they originate. They have different names in different parts of the world and the methods of taking precaution are also variable according to the type of the storms. Some of the most common storms experienced by the people living in Western countries like the U.S.A. are:

1. Hail storms that damage roofs of houses and sheds, exterior of homes and property, window and shingle damages as well as automobiles that are usually parked out in open spaces.
2. Thunderstorms are mostly accompanied by lightning and thunder and are therefore more disastrous to property and they also cause floods and blow away roofs of houses.
3. Ice Storms as the name indicates cover the entire place with freezing ice and if it continues for some time, ice accumulates on the surface and causes hazardous damage to life.
4. Tornados present real threat to humans and animals alike. The high winds that blow at more than 300mph carrying debris cause severe damages to areas like Oklahama, Texas, Kansas etc.
5. Blizzards occur mostly during the winter that is accompanied by heavy snowfall, high winds and the freezing cold cause damages to homes, automobiles and businesses.

.Fact 4 Tropical Storms

Tropical storms occur in tropical regions. The storms have typical features like very low pressures and swirling winds that blow at very high speed of about 75mph. The different types of tropical storms are namely:
Hurricanes are extremely destructive as the surging and whirling winds are followed by heavy rainfall. Areas near the equator experience hurricanes more than the Northern or Southern Hemispheres.
A cyclone that originates in low pressure areas are characterized by rotating winds and violent storms. Gusts of winds and torrential rains cause damages to crops and homes.
Rainstorms are not simple storms that bring heavy rains with them, but both the winds and the rains have no bounds. Continuous winds blowing at a speed of more than 250mph and incessant rains bring great miseries to people and property.
Dust Storms are severe windstorms. These storms rise when the earth’s surface becomes extremely hot and clouds of dust sweep across large areas.

Storms are highly destructive and it does not matter whether there is rain or snow, the effects are the same in all conditions.

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