Facts about Stephen King

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Brief Introduction:

Some novels have a magnanimously spun story line compelling its readers to reach the last page. One such gifted American author is Stephen King. Stephen was born on September 21, 1947 at Portland Maine. His works are inclined to the genres of supernatural fiction, contemporary horror, science fiction, suspense and fantasy.

Fact 1:

As a young child, Stephen along with his brother David, were left to be raised by his mother Nellie Ruth, following the departure of his father Donald Edwin King. Young Stephen drew his inspirations after the brothers dug out the short stories entitled ‘The Lurker in the Shadows’ from his father s attic.

Fact 2:

Stephen was a voracious reader restricting himself much to horror comics. In his early years of schooling, the seeds to his career were sown when he began contributing articles to the newspaper Dave’s Rag published by his brother and later continued to sell his stories to his friends. His first work to be published independently was ‘I was a teenage grave robber’.

Fact 3:

In the year 1967, Stephen s first professional short story ‘The Glass Story’ was sold to Startling Mystery Stories .He graduated with a Bachelor’s in English in the year 1970 at the same year he kept himself busy with his writings in the newspaper columns and also by attending workshops.

Fact 4:

King began his official first novel “Carrie” in 1973. The novel was revolving round the psychic powers planted within a teenage girl which was found to be regressing pushing Stephen to dump it. Later, his wife Tabitha King retained it back from the trash to completion and the paperback earned $40000. Numerous novel works followed after this victory.

Fact 5:

King began publishing a handful of short stories by the early 1980’s. He began penning them down under the pseudonym Richard Bachman as the publishing standards restricted publishing more than one book a year and to prove himself that his raising fame did not occur by accident. His other pseudonyms include John Swithen.

Fact 6:

Stephen announced his retirement from writing in lieu of his pestering wounds after he met with the most perilous accident in 1999. He was suffering a collapsed right lung with multiple fractures over his right leg, a broken hip and a lacerated scalp.

Fact 7:

His wife pitched in again to reinstate her husband back to his creativity. Hence she resolved to redesign Stephen’s studio showcasing how it would look after his death. Stephen’s new novel ‘Lisey’s Story’ sprang to life resuming his works even after his announcements actively until 2010.

Fact 8:

About 54 novels were tagged to Stephen, including seven under his pen name Richard Bachman and six other non-fictional books. Nearly 200 short stories by him have been collected into various books. On the whole Stephen’s books have accounted for selling more than 350 million copies. These were later adapted to feature films, miniseries, television shows, and comic books.

Fact 9:

Stephen’s works survives between the strangled awards conferred to him especially the Bram Stoker Award, World Fantasy Award and British Fantasy Society Awards. His chunks of short stories were crowned with the O.Henry award. Multitudes of other awards kept filling his shelves like the the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement (2004), the Canadian Booksellers Association Lifetime Achievement Award (2007), and the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America (2007).

Fact 10:

King grew up to be a fine author with his passion to write where he describes himself as dedicating 6 hours a day for both reading and writing as well. His style inculcates notable authors as characters into his stories. He has also penned down his autobiography between the covers of the book “On Writing”. King is blessed with three kids who are writers individually.

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