Facts About Spinosaurus

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Spinosaurus was one of the biggest carnivorous dinosaurs that lived more than 100 million years ago.

Fact 1 Why Is It So Called

Spinosaurus means “spine lizard” and it is an appropriate name because this dinosaur had a spine running along the back that is often called a “sail.” They were enormous animals and roamed the swamps of North Africa many millions of years back during the Cretaceous era. They were larger than Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Accordin g to their distinct habitat, there are two species of Spinosaurus namely the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus meaning Egyptian Spine Lizard and Spinosaurus Maroccanus meaning Moroccon Spine Lizard. The spines were very distinct and could be seen growing out of the animal’s back. They were nearly 7 feet in length and were most probably connected to each of the bones by the skin.

Fact 2 History Of These Spine Lizards

In the year 1912, Spinosaurus was first discovered in a valley named Bahariya in Egypt. This animal was named three years later by Ernst Stomer. A full skeleton of the Spinosaurus was not found. Only scattered pieces of bones of the hind limbs and vertebrae were discovered. Unfortunately when they were being taken to Munich, Germany during World War II, the remains were damaged. However some detailed descriptions and drawings remained. Some fragments of the skull were found in the 1900s that stand as proof of the huge size of the Spinosaurus and that it was the largest of all carnivorous animals that ever lived on the earth’s surface. The Tyrannosaurus was considered to be the King of Dinosaurs. But the Spinosaurus appeared to be larger and stronger than the king. It occupies a prominent position in the modern film Jurassic Park as the primary carnivore.

Fact 3 Description Of The Spinosaurus

The entire skeleton of the Spinosaurus has not been found yet. But all the evidences available prove that it was the largest dinosaur that walked on two legs and most probably crouched on their fours occasionally. The skull was long and large but thin. The special spines that grew out of the back were over 1.5 meters long. These spines were joined to each other by layers of skin that looked like webs. Some Paleontologists are of the opinion that there were large muscles attached to the spines that gave them a hump-like look rather than a webbed structure. The snout was narrow and it was full of different sizes of teeth. Another special feature of the Spinosaurus was the small crest on the snout just above the nostrils.

Fact 4 Habitat And Lifestyle Of The Spinosaurus

It is assumed that the Spinosaurs lived with the equally huge predators like Carcharodontosaurus and Bahariasaurus in the areas which is now North Africa. Evidences and proofs available till now show that this animal could live both on land as well as water. This shows that they consumed a lot of fish as well as aquatic animals. It is for this reason it is referred to as a “Piscivore” like the Grisly Bears that love to eat fish more than anything else although it eats other foods also.

Some researchers are of the opinion that Spinosaurus were basically bipeds and roamed about on twos standing tall and straight. But since they had four limbs, they could walk on all fours too. The hump or the spines had various uses. They were used to attract mates during the mating seasons, as heat regulation and also to intimidate.

Fact 5 Information Published From Time To Time

Studies have continued through the ages about this amazing creature. Various information has been published now and then about the length, height and weight of the beasts.

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