Facts About Space

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Space is the outer region that surrounds the Earth and other planets. It is basically a vacuum in which sound waves are unable to travel. This means it is impossible to hear a person scream in space. Other fascinating facts are listed below:

Fact 1: Space begins roughly 100 kilometers above the surface of Earth when the air shell surrounding the planet disappears. Since there is insufficient air for scattering sunlight and producing a light blue color of the sky, space looks like a dark blanket sprinkled with stars.

Fact 2: Space is filled with numerous types of radiation which are generally injurious to astronauts. Most of the ultraviolet and infrared radiation is caused by the sun.

Fact 3: The best way of traveling to space is through a Space Shuttle which can carry seven astronauts.

Fact 4: Despite popular belief, space is not empty. In fact, the huge gaps between the planets and stars are packed with large quantities of dust and gas. Even the least empty areas in space still contain a couple hundred molecules or atoms per cubic meter.

Fact 5: The first trip into space occurred in 1981, and it was achieved using NASA’s Space Shuttle.

Fact 6: Currently, there are three orbiters that fly in space which include; Endeavor, Atlantis and Discovery.

Fact 7: Scientists estimate that there are millions of unusable space trash floating across the solar system. This trash ranges in size from gigantic to minute sizes and comes from particles and fragments created due to space explosions or collisions.

Fact 8: In 1981, two orbiters, Challenger and Columbia, were lost in space because of accidents.

Fact 9: The matter found in space is extremely hot, and this is mainly because of radiation.

Fact 10: Space trash that orbits at altitudes above 1,000 km circles the Earth for more than a century.

In conclusion, space is a truly fascinating topic, particularly for every kid who one day hopes to become an astronaut.

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